The Ultimate C# and Unity course for beginners

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This course is all you need, if you want to learn how to create games in Unity. You can't create games in unity without knowing how to code, that's why we will spend the first part of the course learning how to code C#. IMPORTANT! This course will teach you best practices and teach you how to program. In this course you will not only learn how to do things, but also why we do things. No prior knowledge is required because you will learn everything you need to know right here! When you are done with this course, you will be able to take your own game ideas and bring them to life in Unity. The course is divided into 3 main sections: Section 1 - Basic programmingIn this section we will get to know our tools and get a basic understanding of C#. We will end the section by creating our very first complete game in the console. Section 2 - Object oriented programmingIn this section you will learn about classes and objects. These are the building blocks of every game. When you are done with this section you will know everything you need to know about C# before we dive into the world of Unity. We will end this section by creating our very own complete game with animated sprites, without using any game engine or frame work. We will use all the knowledge that we have acquired in section 1 and 2 to create this game. Section 3 - UnityIn this section we will learn about the Unity game engine and editor. Because we have learned everything we need to know about C# in the previous section, we will be able to focus all our efforts on Unity. We will end this section by creating a complete game in Unity.




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