The Java Course That Starts From 0

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InstructorVivek Ramesh
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Course description


  • Once upon a time, my teacher asked me to write a program to check if the input is leap year. 
  • I went to my teacher and asked him "Sir, can you please explain why you wrote if(i%4==0)?". 
  • He told me to get lost saying "I ll never learn programming"
  • Made a channel slidenerd that day and 150000 people learnt programming from it successfully since then
  • Most courses teach you code but dont teach you how to THINK   
    • Why did you write that statement?
    • Why are you calling this function?
    • Given a problem, how do you break it down into parts
    • How do you think about what to write for each part?
    • That is the thought process I am talking about
  • This course teaches you NOT ONLY the syntax of Java completely from scratch but also the thought process behind it.
  • Most courses merely get into the syntax and leave the most important aspect of Java Programming, the thought process
  • But worry not, In this Java course, I ll be doing whawt 99% of the other courses don't.
  • I will take you from SCRATCH where you declare a variable to the stage where you write your own POLYMORPHIC classes without flinching
  • I will turn that brain of yours into a THINKING MACHINE that is capable of coming up with code on its own without referring to what others are doing and for the most part without Googling
  • But do remember, that Googling or stackoverflowing is a very crucial skill to have
  • After all, in production, you are the one who has to fix his/her bugs, no one teaches that

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn about Data Types. Variables ant Constants
  • Use Type Casting to convert from one data type to another
  • Operators in Java, Numeric, Logical, Relational, Equality With Examples
  • Learn how to use If, If Else, If Else If and Switch Statements
  • Familiarize yourself with For, While and Do While Loops With Examples
  • Learn how to apply Break, Continue Statements With Examples
  • Learn how Strings, StringBuilder and StringBuffer works
  • Learn how Methods and Types of Methods work along with advanced concepts such as Method Overloading, Variable Scope
  • Learn to create single dimensional and multi dimensional arrays with examples
  • Accept input from the user and process it
  • Create flexible Arrays with Array Lists
  • Understand the difference between Value Types and Reference Types With Examples
  • Learn how to use Constructors, Overloading and Inheritance With Examples
  • Understand Static Keywords, Enumerations and Variable Hiding With Examples
  • Completely grasp Polymorphism with amazing Examples


  • Basic Computer Fundamentals & Terminologies
  • A computer installed with Windows/Linux /OS X
  • Wireless adapter with Monitor Mode support
  • 4GB RAM
  • Binary Decimal Hexadecimal Math
Meet your instructors:
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Vivek Ramesh
Founder of slidenerd