The iPhone Office: Use iOS To Double Your Productivity

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The iPhone may be the greatest device ever invented for managing and optimizing your life. Since you always have it with you, why not make use of it to make yourself more productive and become just the person you want to be. When used to its full potential, the iPhone is a terrific tool for organizing your life, for setting clear goals, for monitoring your daily progress and, in the process, for becoming a much more focused and high performing individual. In this course, I'll show you how to use your iPhone to work from anywhere, to better manage your life and to ultimately thrive in this new hyper-connected (and distracting) digital environment. With the right knowledge and tools, a cloud-based mobile office can give you the freedom and flexibility to run a paperless office that is accessible from anywhere on your iPhone. This course is 100% actionable. By that I mean you can download the apps on your iPhone while you're taking the course and build your own mobile office. If you're also an iPad user, nearly all of these apps will also work on your iPad. This course teaches you to learn faster and work smarter using the latest cloud-based technology on your iPhone. Here is what you will be able to accomplish after taking this course: 1. Apply proven productivity principles to block out distractions and find your focus by using your iPhone to track your progress, to manage your must-do tasks and to achieve your goals. 2. Learn the best cloud-based tools for running a paperless mobile office and syncing your work across all your devices: your PC/laptop, iPhone and iPad so you can save time and eliminate productivity-killing stress and frustration. 3. Learn how to double your reading speed (and increase your comprehension) through speed reading training. Given that the average knowledge worker spends over 50% of their time managing information, this is a huge productivity boost. 4. Master Siri's voice commands and dictation capabilities so you can work more efficiently by dictating emails, blogs posts and mental notes of your insights as they arise. 5. Learn to focus your time and effort on the 20% of your tasks where you can add the most value. I'll show you the tools to automate, delegate or outsource the rest. 5. Build your personal brand online and advance your career by building a strong professional network, improving your follow up with the people you meet and maximizing the power of your iPhone as a relationship building tool. 6. Use your iPhone to monitor and improve your health. Discover how to improve your diet, habits, sleep, exercise, and to reduce stress. As a result, you will have much more consistent energy and focus to get things done. 7. Manage your finances, business and freelance operations better through time tracking, invoicing, cash flow budgeting, expense tracking and signing legal digital contracts on your iPhone. These are just some of the ways The iPhone Office will increase your productivity and improve your life. Sign up for this course now at the launch price of $49, which will only be available for the first week.




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