The Digital Strategist: Timeless Tech Disruption Principles

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I wish a course like this had existed 20 years ago! I will teach you how to think far ahead of the competition, using principles of strategy and disruption that have worked consistently for 40 years and continue to be used by Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and other tech leaders. What's so special about this course?The only place you will find a detailed description of the 8 technology laws that drive the evolution of the software industry. The first course to show how a software strategist applies unchanging technology laws to craft digital strategy and to disrupt industries. A powerful 6-layer model for how to analyse and build digital strategy.40+ years of industry experience condensed into less than 2 hours; packed with concrete examples from hundreds of tech leaders. What's in it for you?Using the 6-layer model combined with the 8 fundamental laws you will: Be able to predict key elements of the future of your industry with a high degree of accuracy, and make much better long-term decisions today;Know how to design your product or service so that the  structure and dynamics of technology work for you and not against you;Know how to identify opportunities for disruption of incumbents, and which strategies to apply for success;Understand how to position your product or service for long-term success, particularly when you are facing larger and better funded competitors;Become hype-resistant. Be able to understand the underlying mechanisms of new products and services and understand what is likely to be short-lived and what may be here to stay;Solve the too-much-information problem! Leverage a robust mental framework that helps you sift through the flood of news and information we are all inundated with. Impress colleagues, managers, and clients with your deep insights on competitive dynamics and technology evolution;




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