The Complete Tableau Bootcamp for Aspiring Data Scientists

Course description
All tutorials are on the latest Tableau version 2020.3Included advanced topics as well like Relationships, Level of detail (LOD) expressions, Parameters, Sets, Trend Lines, etc. Included exciting features/Viz like emoji chart, play youtube video in a dashboard, animations, viz in tooltips, etcThis course is designed by considering the fact that you are an absolute beginner, and I will teach you even the most basic concepts in Tableau from scratch so that after completing this course you would be able to create rich visualizations easily and confidently. What all the technical skills you will learn in this course: Initial SetUpSoftware Installation (Tableau Desktop Public Edition, Tableau Desktop Professional Edition, Tableau Reader)Creation of Tableau Public profileUnderstand the different Tableau ProductsSoftware Walkthrough (Tableau Desktop Public Edition, Tableau Desktop Professional Edition)Publish the viz to Tableau PublicDownload the files from Tableau PublicExtract the data source files from the published visualization in Tableau PublicTableau Core ConceptsConnect to a Data SourceData TypesUpdate the data typesDimensions & MeasuresAggregation & GranularityDiscrete & Continuous fieldsDiscrete date parts & Continuous date valuesCalculated FieldsLogical expressionsRatio CalculationsCreate Live & Extract ConnectionsDifference between Live & Extract ConnectionsDifference between twbx & twb file typesTableau FundamentalsComputed and Manual SortingDimension & Measure filtersDate filtersContext filtersOrganize data in HierarchiesReference & Trend LinesGroups & Visual GroupsSetsParametersAdd custom shapes in TableauAnimationsAdd Visualization in TooltipCustom DatesTable Calculations - IntroductionTable Calculations - Scope & DirectionLevel of Details - Fixed, Include, ExcludeChart TypesBar ChartLine ChartStacked Bar ChartSymbol MapsFilled MapsScatter PlotCross Tabs Highlight TablesHeat MapsHistogramPie ChartWord CloudPacked BubblesTree MapsDual AxisLollipop ChartDashboard and StoriesDashboard IntroductionAdd Actions for interactivityDashboard ObjectsNavigation between dashboardsEmbed youtube URL in dashboardsUse google with TableauCreate a storyFormat a storyStoryboards vs dashboardsData PreparationTableau new Data ModelRelationshipsJoinsCross-database joinsBlendsUnionsWhen to use - Relationships, Blends, Joins




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