The Complete Prestashop V 1.7 Tutorial: E-commerce [2020]

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Welcome to the complete prestashop v 1.7 course. First of all I would like to congratulate you for getting this course because you don't have the slightest clue of what you have in your hands.  This course will help you understand the basics and every hidden secrets in e-commerce website development using prestashop v 1.7 software. In this course, you'll learn every steps involved in developing an e-commerce website such as Icardex, Walmart, E-bay from scratch using one of the most powerful content management system known as Prestashop V 1.7. The course curriculum covers all it takes to develop a fully functional e-commerce website within days of engaging with the course because the course videos are  equipped with annotations just to create an amazing learning experience for the students. The teaching curriculum ranges from the installation process of the program thereby cutting across the full categories management, products management, module installation and management down to order processing and error troubleshooting (Maintenance) and many more. This course is created to teach aspiring online store owners to develop their own e-commerce website based on their own needs without having to spend thousands of dollars to create one. So for you that is interested in making landmarks in e-commerce sector so as to work for the big guys such as Amazon, Walmart etc this is the right course for you. Benefits of Prestashop: It is free because it's an open source e-commerce platform with a community of opens source developers. It is easy to build, customize and managedIt is cost effective for small scale business owners It supports integrations alongside modules with international businesses in several sectors such as fin-tech, logistics and management. PrestaShop Features: Create ProductsQuickly create productsConfigure features and valuesCreate packs of productsSell customizable goods by letting your customers to upload filesCreate products with variants from a list of attributes using the combinations generatorCreate digital productsAttaching files or display additional information in product pagesSet a minimal quantity to purchase for some productsChoose which message to display for out-of-stock itemsProduct NavigationCreate categories & subcategoriesRun stockTrack the inventory of each productCreate suppliers and associate them to productsCreate manufacturersGet an overview of manufacturers and suppliers with sorting order and filtersCustomize your StoreConfigure Your StoreOffers payment methodsConfigure the shipping methodsRun geographical delivery zones and apply shipping carriersDetermine the pricing of the offered shipping methodsDefine maximum dimension of the packagesEnable SSLSet the shop as a catalogContent & NavigationConfigure the display of the productsOrganize your products in your storeConfigure filters, sort order and pagination of productsConfigure your internal search engineDisplay results with the main information about the products listedUse different display mode or layered navigationAdd a product search box in your 404 pagesInform your customers about your storeDisplay your physical stores on a google mapCheckoutConfigure the one page checkoutDisplay a summary page before the customer validate the cartDisplay & allow your customer to navigate in the checkout processAllow your customers to quickly create an accountLet your customer choose the addresses select shipping & payment methodsAdd reinsurance text blockLet customers to validate their ordersDisplay a confirmation page with related detailsLegalComply to lawsCreate CMS pages or blocks focused on legal informationDisplay legal contents on the specific & appropriate pagesMake your checkout process compliant with the European (German) lawsComply with the European laws by displaying information about the shipping information and pricesApply the revocation termsExclude digital goods from the returnable itemsSet EcotaxRun TaxesConfigure taxes depending on the locationsApply tax to the shipping and wrapping feeDisplay taxes for US customersMarket your StoreCreate Special OffersConfigure couponsChoose the discount modeCreate price rulesMake special offers on various basis: products, customer or on orderOffers free shippingHighlight your ProductsDisplay complete product page with call to action buttons, cross-selling and promotional contentSuggest products to your customersPromote specific productsUse slider to promote productsLet customers add gift wrappingReinsure CustomersDisplay payment logos to reinsureIncrease EngagementReduce abandonment cart rate by sending emailsReengage customers by sending them an email containing viewed productsLet customers signin to receive back-in-stock emailsGet TrafficRun the SEO of my storeRun the SEO of my product & CMS pagesConnect your store to social networksAdvertise in your storeCollect customers' emailsAdvertise on your store by use images or bannerGive permissions to your affiliatesManage OrdersRun OrdersGet an overview of the ordersCreate orders from the adminEdit an order on customer requestCreate a workflow of statuses for both order & return processReceive notification for new ordersPrint a delivery slips in PDFInform Your Customer of the evolution of their ordersCreate templates of emails & send default emailsAutomatise emails sentRun CustomersIncrease loyaltyConfigure the customer account creation formEnable your customers to get an account on your storeAllow your customers to run & track their ordersRun your Customer databaseManage the addresses of your customersCreate new customers or edit the existing onesImport / Exports lists of customersEasily find customersPersonalize the user experience of your customers by creating customers groupsRun your Customer ServiceAccess to the summary of the customer service activityReceive notificationsCreate an IMAP access & send the requests to the right employeeSet default repliesAllow your customers to process returnGenerate credit slips to refund your unsatisfied customersTurn any cart into an order following a customer requestDisplay a contact information & form with pre-defined subjectsGet InsightsGeneralOverview your main data, define objectives and track your progressGet a forecast of the main stats with filtersAbout Marketing PerformanceMeasures the impact of promotional campaignsReports about trafficGet insights about in-site visitor navigationGet data about shipping methodsAbout ProductsGet a full range of insights about your productsSee your most popular products and highlight them in your storeGet an overview of your stock and stock coverageAbout Sales & CustomersGet data about salesGet an overview of all the carts currently opened with statsSegment customers to better reach themGo InternationalChoose the country to make your store availableAdapt your shop to the market you targetSet currencies and automatize the exchange rate movementsUse multi-language product sheet to adapt description to different marketsPrestashop is available in more than 75 languages, which helps you grow your e-commerce business regardless the country or currency of your customersExtend your store with modules and themesInstall & run free, external or addons modulesPreview of the Addons catalog and recommendations of themes & modulesLET'S GET STARTED, SEE YOU IN CLASS!!!




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