The Beginner's Ultimate Guide to Affinity Designer

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This course made me realize the power of Affinity Design. I am understanding the various tools and methods of creating any design that I visualize in my mind. I would recommend this video course to any who really wish to gain knowledge in Design in a very short time. Charles MargraveThis is a good methodical look at Affinity Designer along with an bit of information about use cases. The content is exactly what I was looking for in the course. Ben HoltzmanA TRUE alternative to Adobe's overpriced software has finally come. Meet Affnity Designer - a piece of vector graphic design software that will allow you to easily create awesome designs without ruining your bank account.   So if you've been looking for a cheaper and yet super powerful alternative to Adobe's products, now you've found it.   This course is all about you learning how to use Affinity Designer.   It's a beginner's comprehensive guide that will allow you to independently use all the tools and effects to create any design you wish.   Inside you will find   50+ lectures in 14 sections   Clear and concise explanations with lots of visual aids for easy understanding   Tons of supporting material (design files and presentations) so you can practice as you learn   Let me take you take you step-by-step through all the tools, effects and techniques that come with the software.    This course is not for advanced Affinity Designer users, but if you are a total beginner you will love the course content.    Here's a comprehensive list of goodies you will find inside:   If you want to create glamorous designs, you need to have something to create them in. You need Documents that you can create fast and easy and you need to know how to manage them. That's Section 3.   What's a design if it doesn't have… shapes? Affinity Designer makes creating objects fun and easy. That's why Section 6 is so… fun. You don't only want to create artwork, do you? You also want to easily customize it, so it looks perfect. That is why customizing and transforming your artwork is covered not in one, but in TWO sections: 7 and 8.   Once your nifty design is ready, you probably want to put in front of all your friends' faces, right? In section 12 you will learn how to save and share your work with the world of internet. In the bonus section you will learn how to use the pixel tools in Affinity Designer, should you wish to quickly tweak your photos, too. I assume that you are a total beginner so in the first section you will learn what Affinity Designer is and what its core features are, including a unique concept of 3 different tool sets called Personas. Looking at any piece of software that you are unfamiliar with can cause headaches. That's why Section 2 is all about painless learning how to use Designer's interface. Are you thinking about becoming a web designer? Then you need to know how to create and use artboards, so your workflow is fast and professional. Have a look at Section 4. If pixel perfect designs are all you are dreaming of, jump right into Section 5. Almost each and every of your designs is going to use some form of text. If you want to quickly learn how to add and transform type in Affinity Designer, have a look at Section 9. The software comes with powerful panels. The most important of them is the Layers panel. You will learn all about panels and layers in sections 10 and 11. Now you can create stunning logos, web layouts, mobile app designs for a fraction of a price that Adobe is asking for their products… MONTHLY! Because the best part about Afffinity Designer is that there is   …NO subscription...   You pay for it ONCE and it's yours to keep!   Say good-bye to forking out hundreds of dollars for software every year even if you are just a hobbyist, a student or a freelancer just starting out your design adventure.    And yes, as always, you are completely covered by a    100% 30-day money back guarantee.    If after 30 days you won't be convinced that you can use the software independently, simply ask for a refund and you will receive it promptly.   No one will ask a single question about your reasons.   It's your call now. Click the Enroll button and... Enroll now! DawidPS One more thing.   As a SPECIAL BONUS, you will get a How to get started with Affinity Designer e-book for FREE (worth $29.97).    It's almost 200 pages, with more than 200 images to compliment your learning process, if you are not in the mood for watching videos or you prefer the old school type of learning.   PPS You will also receive a comprehensive list of ALL the shortcuts used in Affinity Designer.    A true professional knows how to use shortcuts to make his or her workflow super speedy.   




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