The basics of Figma for web designer from beginner to pro

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You don't know anything about design and you want to quickly learn useful skills? Do you need a simple and effective website design tool? Not new to design but want to take it to the next level?The Figma course is great for this! A designer spends 80% of his time in visual editors. Therefore, it is so important to choose the right program for the job - with good functionality and a user-friendly interface. And Figma is a great solution. Website development in Figma is a simple and straightforward process that will not take much of your time. What is Figma?Figma is an application for rendering website pages and mobile app interfaces. Figma is one of the most popular website design services. Why is it worth creating a design in Figma?this application is the simplest professional tool for working on graphic elements, so it is great for beginnersdespite the ease of use, the program has powerful potentialyou don't even have to install the application on your computer - work in a browser windowit is possible to view all files in one document, which greatly simplifies the development processit's much easier to work with fonts here - the entire Google Fonts library is available in Figmathis editor allows teams to design togetheryou can share the design with the client at any time - in viewing or editing formatFigma is free to useMaster this revolutionary tool and start making money on website design! Figma training will give you: knowledge of the service interfacefamiliarity with control panels and functionsability to use hot keysunderstanding the principles of creating and editing basic shapesexperience using the pen to create curves and vector shapesability to work with images and fillknowledge of how to create and use masksunderstanding the principles of typography and the practice of working with textfamiliarity with atomic design and the ability to create objectsa technique for turning objects into components and creating stylesexperience with plugins and much moreWhat skills will you gain after completing the Figma course?be able to work quickly and easily in the applicationpractice creating a design in Figma using the example of drawing an online storelearn how to adapt a project for different devicesmaster design animationunderstand how to create a style guide and terms of referencelearn to design projects for Behance and Dribblefind out where to get inspiration and how to find a job as a designerWhy is it worth taking Figma training with us?You pay for the course once and we give you full lifetime access. You will receive a certificate of completion. The Figma course from scratch has a money-back guarantee: if you don't like something, you can apply for a refund within 30 days. Our Figma course is one of the most popular. Many have already passed it and gave the maximum grade. Sign up for the course and discover the world of design!




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