Substance Painter - Basics of PBR texturing (character)

Course description
Learn how to paint a 3D model of a goblin with this 'Substance Painter - Basics of PBR texturing (character)' course. Find out how you can create and apply realistic PBR smart materials using these industry standard techniques. Transform a basic 3D model into a complex character the lessons which will teach you how to add custom detail to your character using these simple techniques. This course is easy to start for user of any level, the lessons will begin with a quick introduction on setting up the project within the substance painter as well as help you familiarize with the software. The course includes on screen keys so any level texture artist will be able to follow it through with ease. Create a PBR goblin skin texture using easy to follow methods within an industry standard 3D texturing software. Find out how you can make use out of the Substance Painter's built-in material library to the fullest and how you can customize them to suit your needs. Learn how to layer skins tones using masking techniques in order to enrich the look of a goblin. Discover ways for adding additional depth to your character by using generated curvature texture map and using it to highlight character's detail. Find out how you can take the character's look further by painting in your own detail onto the skin, such as scratches and warts, in order to make it more unique and bring the character to life. In this course, you will be taught how to texture a basic cloth clothing for the character. You will learn how to create a ragged fabric look by manipulating materials and adding dirt on top of it. You will also learn how to add cloth creases as a texture and how to use it to create a more believable cloth detail. The course will also cover texturing techniques for painting over a sword asset for the goblin character. It will teach you how to age the prop and make it look more tattered in order to fit the overall character design. It will teach you make great looking metal as well as wood from within the substance painter. The lessons will show you how to create an aged wood as well as a muddy metal and purposely make them look in bad condition by tweaking the materials and blending in smart masks. You will learn how to texture creature teeth by using alpha patterns in combination with tri-planar projection methods in order to give them an additional detail and create a more believable look with little to no UV seam visibility. During the process you are going to learn how to create moldy teeth to make it fitting for the character of a goblin and how to make use out of it to add an extra depth and bring out the shape's form. Find out how you can create realistic eyes for the character using this simple method shown within the course. In this Substance Painter course, you will be shown quick method for how you can make use out of the projection tool within substance painter in order to transfer color information from an image to a mesh. The lessons will end off with a quick and easy guide to render a model within the 3D texturing program, using a built in Iray functionality. It will help you to set up a studio background within the render in order to get a better lighting quality. By the end of this course, you will be able to render high quality images and save them to share with others.




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