Strategic Dropshipping Business

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The internet has drastically change the way business is down in a more positive way, that ensure that businesses have more creative ways of selling to customer and companies have more options of delivering the product to the customer. One of the best method of doing business without owning brick and mortar store is dropshipping. Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment methods in which a business does not keep the products its intended to sell in the shop but rather when a customer makes an order from the dropshipper, then the manufacturer or wholesaler who is a third party will supply the good to the customer directly on behalf of the dropshipper company, so technically the dropshipper do not have the product in store at his/ her store. All that the dropshipper business does is that they need to find a very good suppliers who will deliver on his promise and do business with them. in this case it takes few money to start this business because the business do not own any inventory. The strength of the dropshipper business is then channel specifically on promotion and ensure that they always get a customer that will buy their products so they can make more money. We also must not forget that there are challenges involved in doing this kind of business, specifically the profit margin is reduce, because the longer your supply chain the lower your profit, and some times it will be very difficult for the customer to get the product on time, this means the dropshipper business in not in control of the delivery and the timing of the delivery which sometimes create problems when the suppliers fail to even deliver the products. It become a big challenge when you cannot check stock levels because you do not have control of stocks this are all ways that can affect the business reputation when things goes wrong. For the dropshipping business to be successful operators need to ensure that they use the internet to promote their business and ensure that they understand at least the basis of the internet in doing promotion on Google, Facebook and Instagram etc. Understanding your customers is very important way to succeed in this business because this business grow on repeat purchase so its very important that every thing is done in favor of the customer.




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