STEP BY STEP.NET MVC 5 with EF,WebApi, Generic Repo & DI

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. NET is a technology and in that it allows us to create a web base application using ASP. NET. ASP. NET uses MVC stands for Model-View-Controller design pattern which create the web application by separating controllers (handling requests and mapping to business logic), models (implementing business logic), and views (presenting and formatting output), it's easier to change code in each of these layers. Yogesh started to take the. Net batches in 2008 and got very popular because of his teaching style, very simple explanation of complex topics and very good hold on. Net technology. Shortly he started corporate and online training and more than 10000+ students got the benefit in their programming career. He is not only doing the. Net training but as a full time he is also working as Senior Solution Architect in leading IT company in United State. Many tutor only talks about the MVC fundamentals but they completely ignore the design patterns and Dependency Injection or communication with WebApi which is must for every MVC application. He is having the advantage of doing the day to day development and involved into the architecture design of MVC application so that course is touching every part of MVC architecture. In 6:10 hours of video series you will learn all the MVC fundamentals, REST and common design patterns which is the must part of each real world base application. Each video comprise with following pointsWhat are the topics going to coverExplanation of the concept/requirement/what is the output to achieveExplain the code snippet in step-wise mannerStart the practicalDebug the code for more explanationWhat topic got coverHe always keep the demo lecture before any student join his batch. Here also you can watch first two section of the course as well as Dependency Injection fundamental lectures to decide to enroll into course or not. By the end of watching this course, you'll be able to learn, Architecture of MVC, Routing Mechanism, Razor EngineData Management techniquesHTML helpers. CRUD base operation using Entity Framework 6 Database First approach. ModelBinder , Custom ModelBinder and Scaffolding. Validation at Server side and Client side using Data Annotation and Jquery. Layout, Section, Render Page, Partial Page, Layout Render techniques using ViewStart fileImprove performance using Bundling , MinificationCaching techniques. Cross Site Scripting attack and it PreventionMVC FiltersCustom Authentication, Custom Authorization, Custom Action and Custom Exception FilterMVC PipelineDependency Inversion Principle(DIP), Dependency Injection(DI), Inversion Of Control(IoC), Unity Container. Custom Controller Factory to implement Dependency Injection in MVCRepository patternGeneric Repository patternMS Test project to write Unit TestBuild and Deploy MVC using IIS7REST API i. e ASP. Net WebApi-2How MVC application communicate with Web Api. Lets follow this pattern to become technically sound Don't try to build the application or project immediately after watching several videos. Dont jump to random lecture, go in sequence mannerEach lecture clear your concept and immediately practice after each lecture without fail. Repeat step 3 if you are unclear with the lecture or email me on codingfactory1@gmail. com for more clarification. Try to make short notes of the lecture which is really handy while time of interview or quick reference after several yearOnce you know each data points of MVC and Patterns then start to build any sample application in that you apply your knowledge. This is the best approach to learn any technology. Believe me my students are not only clear the interview but they cracked it. There is difference between being interested and committed. When you interested you do it when its easyWhen you committed yo do it no matter whatSo DONT wait and join the course and be the technically sound in. NET MVCDont be bookish be practical




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