SQL - The Complete Developer's Guide (MySQL, PostgreSQL)

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SQL is THE most important query language you can learn! It's used by many popular relational database management systems like MySQL or PostgreSQL. But it's also used by data analysis and big data frameworks and tools like Apache Spark. Hence knowing SQL opens up an endless amount of opportunities and jobs - no matter if you're going to work with relational databases or if you're becoming a data scientist, knowing SQL will be key! This course teaches you SQL from the ground up and in extremely high detail! In addition, this course comes with two main paths that you can take: The Complete Course path where you go through the entire course, step by step, learning about ALL the key features and concepts you have to knowThe Quick Summary path where you will learn the key SQL essentials within a few hoursBoth paths are included in this course (i. e. with one single purchase) and you can switch between them or take both - simply as it makes most sense for you! Just dive into the free first course section to learn all about this course and these two paths (and how to take them). SQL is a standardized language and therefore learning SQL will help you apply it in all kinds of contexts. Nonetheless, different database systems also support different aspects of SQL or bring their own variations of the SQL language. Therefore, this course dives into SQL by exploring all key features at the example of the two most popular database systems: MySQL and PostgreSQL. All query and command examples are shown for both database systems, ensuring that you feel comfortable working with SQL in either environment! This course will enable you to write your own (simple or complex) SQL queries, create basic or advanced databases and table structures and work with data of different shape and complexity! In detail, you will learn: What exactly SQL is and how the core syntax looks likeHow to write SQL commandsHow to install MySQL & PostgreSQL as well as various clientsHow to create and structure database tablesWhich data types you may use and when to use which data typeHow to perform CRUD operations: Create, Read, Update & Delete DataHow to insert data into tablesHow to query and filter dataWhy you should split data across multiple tables (and how to do that)How to join (merge) data into combined result setsHow to write basic and more complex queriesHow to aggregate and group dataHow to use built-in database functions to work with numbers, text or datesHow to optimize databases with indexesAnd much, much more! Explore the full course curriculum to get a thorough overview of the course content and watch the free preview section to learn how this course will help you! This course also comes with a 30 day refund period, so that you can try it risk-free:)We'd love to welcome you on board of this course and explore SQL together with you!




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