Solar PV: NABCEP Exam solved MCQs with theory explained

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* See other Courses offered by the same Instructor at affordable Prices* This Course is systematically and ingeniously designed by NABCEP PVIP Certified Processional to help you quickly learn about of Solar Photovoltaic System. 1) This Course shall provide a kick-off platform for you to learn and prepare for the Industry Certifications like NABCEP.2) This Course will cover various topics related to Solar PV / Systems,  Solar Radiation / Energy, PV Module,  Inverters,  Batteries, DC/AC Circuits and others. Efforts have been made that all such topics and questions are covered and comprehensive learning takes pace in couple of hours.3) This Course comes with a nominal low price, compared to similar courses available in the market, as promotional collateral from us. Quality of the Course is promised at par with other commercially available Courses worth thousand of US$. You definitely going to Save Hundreds of Bucks. Course Content: Color of Earthing CableColor Scheme of the 120/220 AC Split Calculate Voltage in a CableCalculate System Power given Solar Irradiance and Module PowerUnderstanding Multimode InverterUnderstanding Sun Path ChartWhich type of System to install at homeWhich Grounding System is used these daysType of Mounting Method required for roof topDifference between Inverter, Charge Controller, Transformer and Super CapacitorWhat is PV CableUnderstanding OSHAUnderstanding TransformersCalculating least No of PV Modules for a SystemUnderstanding Units of Solar IrradianceWhere is Grounding Point in support structure of PV arrayWhy Bypass Diodes are usedDifferent areas in  IV Curve of a PV ModuleUnderstanding change in PV Voltage due to temperatureFuse rating of a PV ModuleDifference between equipment of transmission, distribution and service equipmentCalculating mppt voltage given 4 No. of source circuitsUnderstand to Calculate Electrical PowerUnderstanding Voltage drop phenomenon in a cableUnderstanding Sealed BatteriesGround Fault detection by InverterCalculating System Size given two No of Source circuitsWho approves a PV SystemUnderstanding and Calculating Cell Voltage of a PV ModuleUnderstanding various tools for troubleshootingUnderstanding effect due to undersized PV systemUnderstanding Mounting types for PV ModulesRecommended slop of the ladder as per OSHASafety concerns while working on an electrical systemLocation where PV disconnect not allowedUnderstanding most possible hazard while working on PV SystemsUnderstanding how current ca be effected in a PV ModuleCalculating Electrical Energy Units (KWh)Calculating Resistance in a CircuitWhat is STC StandardWhat is Direct PV applicationUnderstanding specifications of a Charge ControllerWhat is Fall Protection as per OSHARequirements of Safety Net as per OSHARequirements of Stairways as per OSHACategory of High Voltage Safety HatsHow much current passing through human body is dangerousSafest way to find out the PV Output CurrentUnderstanding MPPTWhat insulation of a conductor representsCalculating Annual Energy Yield of a System given specsSafe way of handling PV modules on a roof Safe way to test DC voltage of a PV Disconnect Understanding effect of PV Modules connected in parallel Troubleshooting Off-Grid PV system often shuts down during winter Where Bypass Diodes are locatedWho make requirements for electrical safety for Employees Understanding Cable sizingUnderstanding core component of a PV ModuleUnderstanding Magnetic DeclinationWho decides which standards to applyCalculating Efficiency of the PV Module given rated power and sizeCalculating Voltage drop between Battery and Charge Controller Understanding Equinox What happens if output terminals of a PV Module are shortedWhat to do if stand-alone PV System designed hardly fulfil the Load requirements Finding tilt angle of the PV Module for best summer performance Suitable Tools to check and troubleshoot What are requirements to replace faulty Inverter Understanding Equalizing in BatteriesRequirement of heavy equipment Operator as per OSHASuitable instrument to measure the insulation resistance of a CableWhat is Residential Voltage scheme in USUnderstanding the importance of ASHRAE in design of Solar PV SystemsUnderstanding requirements of MC4 connectorsUnderstanding PV Wire or cable for a  PV ModuleFinding suitable location of an Inverter for a Farm land given site dataUnderstanding Interactive PV systemSelecting economical PV Module for a site given cost and othersProhibited area of installing Lead Acid Battery Understanding Electrical VoltageUnderstanding Hybrid SystemRequirements of terminals of PV ModuleUnderstanding Secondary Battery




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