Shopify Dropshipping: 10 Tips to Scale from 6 to 7 Figures

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Summary: Follow along with my Videos to find out the Top 10 things that helped me scale my Shopify Dropshipping store from 6 Figures to 7 Figures in a very short time. By implementing these strategies, I was able to take a store from £19,000 in monthly revenue, to over £100,000 the next month, and then to over £150,000 the month after that! Without holding ANY inventory! This Course is a run-down of 10 key things that you need to try out on your own store to take it to the next level. I also talk about one of the little-known sources of traffic that has an amazingly good conversion rate and is what I believe to be the Lowest Hanging Fruit for anyone who is already operating a profitable Shopify store. In addition, I also outline the exact process I use for creating Lookalike Audiences, what Lookalike Audiences I create, and how I set them up in an Ad Set. This information on its own is incredibly valuable. I attribute the majority of my scaling to my Lookalike Audience scaling strategy. I pretty much outline the process right here! About Your Instructor: Adam is a Best Selling Udemy instructor with over 35,000 students enrolled in his various Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing and E-Commerce courses. Many of his students now own their own successful online businesses, and some are even travelling the world while earning a healthy income from their ventures. To check out what some of Adam's students have achieved, head to the Bonus Material Section at the end of the course. There, you'll find a Free Preview Video showcasing just a handful of student results. Adam has run E-Commerce ventures since he was just 15 Years Old. With 8 Years under his belt, he's now 23 and loves Shopify. In 2016 he demonstrated his knowledge and ability in the E-Commerce field. Firstly, on eBay, he started with £0, and was able to turn over £8000 in 8 weeks, without having ANY inventory. More notably, in September 2016 he launched a brand new website on Shopify. Within 3 weeks he had already turned over more than £1000 in a single day, and within 3 months had already received multiple 6-Figure valuations for the website. Less than 4 weeks in to 2017, this website finally hit 6-Figures in Gross Sales in GBP £. Since then, that specific website has turned over more than $1,000,000. A Word from Adam: In this course I'll be showing you some of the main tips and strategies that have enabled me to grow my business to completely new heights. I will cover a range of different topics, from the obvious to the not-so-obvious and very-rarely revealed! Join me in the course to find out the Top 10 things you need to implement to be able to scale like never before.




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