Ship It! Hardware Product Development for Beginners

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With the advent of the Maker Movement and the boon of easier fundraising from Kickstarter and other crowdfunding platforms today, it seems like everybody and their grandmother are bringing an electronic product to market. Maybe you too have a desire to design, create, and sell an electronic product. But many first-time entrepreneurs don't know where to begin. They wonder. What makes a good product idea in the first place? How do I know people will buy it? Where do I begin? And how do I get from my pile of breadboard parts and Arduino shields to something I can sell? Well, as the saying goes, success is 90% preparation and only 10% perspiration. Just like how writing a single line of code is one of the last steps in a successful software product, we'll see that designing the electronics is one of the last steps when it comes to creating hardware. I'll show you how to get your hardware project out the door faster by following this simple process first.  I have learned this material over a decade of practice, and by reading through textbooks, manuals, documents, tutorials, etc. I've taken all of this information and, for the first time ever, put it all together for you in one place and in a concise approach meant for beginners. This course is the first of a holistic series about designing electronic hardware. Later courses will cover schematic and PCB design, PCB automated testing, advanced coverage of Design for Manufacture (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA), marketing, and more. But you are going to want to start here! Many entrepreneurs who skip this step and rush to the fun stuff of playing with circuits and firmware live to regret it, by creating a 100% polished product that nobody wants. And I'm so sure that you're going to learn a ton from this content that this course is backed by a no risk, 30-day, money back guarantee. No questions asked, no hard feelings. You have nothing to lose! So let's get started already!




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