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A warm welcome to the SAP WM course by Uplatz. SAP WM (Warehouse Management) is an ERP software provided by SAP that integrates all functions of a warehouse and streamlines them making it easier and more effective to run the facilities and warehouses. It ensures that as a store manager you are on top of everything and things are in their rightful place. The SAP Warehouse Management system is able to control anything that comes into or leaves a warehouse and also ensures how fast or slow that happens. In other words, SAP WM streamlines and controls all warehousing processes to create an efficient operation. It allows users to manage all structures present in a warehousing operation, regardless of their complexity, while monitoring stock differences and controlling hazardous materials. It also makes use of barcode scanners to speed up inventory processes. Stock transfers and goods receipts can be managed while monitoring inbound and outbound goods throughout the day. All logistics that are vital to a successful warehousing operation can be taken care of, and many time-consuming processes can be automated to conserve resources. With SAP WM module the warehouses can be managed efficiently at 'Bin location' level. WM provides flexible, efficient, automated support that enables you to manage complex warehouse structures, define and manage storage areas and storage bins in the warehouse, manage several different types of storage, such as high rack storage, block storage or fixed bin storage, process all relevant postings and transactions such as goods receipts, goods issues and general stock transfers, monitor stock movements, execute stock placements and removals using different put-away and picking strategies, process stock differences and many functions/processes related to warehouse management. Uplatz provides this fast track course on SAP WM to enable you to understand the core concepts of SAP WM module and their implementation as well as to prepare quickly for SAP WM job interviews and WM Certification exam. The course begins with explaining the basic organisation structure and processes in SAP WM. The course then progressively builds on the important concepts of SAP WM and explores the important functions that you need to know as a SAP Warehouse Management consultant/end-user. With this SAP WM course, get a solid understanding of process flow, configuration system in WM, get more value from your inventory and warehouse management processes. This WM training will acquire insight into subject like planning, entry, warehouse-internal movements and storage, record-keeping and following of goods based on quantity and value. Additionally, you'll learn more about stock movement documentation, including goods receipts, goods issues, physical stock transfers, transfer posting, and the stocktaking. SAP WM course objectivesIn this SAP WM training, you will be able to: To have a clear understanding of the organizational structures in Warehouse Management and use the elements of Warehouse Management to map spatial conditionsTo configure the control of putaway, stock removal, and stock transfer activities at master data and Customizing levelsTo Integrate Warehouse Management into Logistics in SAP R/3To configure the interface between Inventory Management and Warehouse ManagementTo understand and use all the relevant master data in SAP WMTo implement putaway and stock removal strategies in SAP WMTo take into account batch management and Quality Management in the warehouseTo understand how to include Warehouse Management in delivery processesTo stage components for production from the warehouseTo set up the warehouse activity monitor as a control instrumentTo Setup and execute Physical Inventory at a storage bin levelTo Carry out Blue printing for you warehouseSAP WM course curriculumSAP WM IntroductionSAP Warehouse concept and org structure hierarchyOrganization Structure in WM and Config SettingsSAP Warehouse configuration case study - configure storage type, storage section, bin setupCreate WM master data setupManual Creations in WM - TR TO etc. Automatic TR TO and TO ConfirmationPhysical Inventory ProcessConfigure Interface between inventory management and warehouse managementWM with MMWM with IMCustomization of movement typesUnderstand the Put away control and different customization options available for put awayStorage bin search for put awayForms of capacity checkConfiguring different put away strategiesWM with QMSetting up WM-QM interface for Quality check in warehouseWM with PPStock Transfers in WMUnderstand stock removal controlCustomization for stock removalBatch determination process during stock removal processPutaway StrategiesConfiguring different picking strategies like FIFO, stringent FIFO etc. Understand Posting changesUnderstand Inbound, outbound and post change processes with WM integrationHow to create and process of Transfer requests, transfer orders and PCN documents for a warehouseStock Removal StrategiesBatch Management in WMHow to do Replenishment setup in warehouseSetting WM-PP interface for internal procurementSetting up Warehouse activity monitorCustomization for physical inventoryCarrying out physical inventoryWM with SDPicking StrategiesTwo Step Picking Process in WMSTO in WMStorage Unit Management (SUM) in WMWhy use SAP Warehouse Management?Faster Inventory Processes: SAP Warehouse Management employs barcode scanners that can drastically improve inventory management processes. As your inventory processes speed up, employees will have additional time to focus on more important tasks. Accurate Goods Tracking: This software solution monitors all goods as they move in, out or within the warehouse. Up-to-date stock amounts help prevent errors that could lead to insufficient product and shortens pick and pack time with an accurate location of products that need to be shipped out. Warehouse Automation: SAP warehouse management automates a number of time-intensive processes that could fall victim to human error. As accuracy increases throughout the warehouse, costs are cut and extra time can be made available for higher-level decision making and guidance. Better Organization: Defined storage bins for products keep a warehouse from becoming disorganized and prone to errors. Moving pallets containing a variety of stock becomes much easier when everything has a preset location. Customize to Fit Your Operation: SAP Warehouse Management allows users to customize its functions in order to better suit their individual requirements. Complex operations can make use of the entire array of functions while smaller warehouses can pick and choose what they need to operate successfully. Reduce Warehousing Costs: SAP helps you get the most out of your warehousing space, time and the employees. Set up your inventory to make the most out of employee pathing and only hang on to the inventory you need. Increase Visibility: Always know where stock is located, how labor is assigned and how automation tools are performing. Discover problem areas and fix them before they turn into costly problems down the road.




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