A quick way to fully understand the SAP Netweaver

InstructorSrinivas Vanamala
Duration22m 37s
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Course description

If you're looking for one course to learn about the architecture and capabilities of SAP Netweaver quickly, let me say 'Congratulations!' because you've just found the right tutorial to fulfill your needs. This SAP Netweaver training is designed precisely to help you obtain a solid understanding of the SAP architecture and its components. In under half-an-hour, you'll get a full knowledge of SAP Netweaver so that you can even provide a proper definition for anyone who wants to understand the SAP Netweaver concept!

Who's welcome to take this SAP Netweaver course?

There are no specific requirements for students to take this course, and it's designed for beginners. General understanding of SAP and how the product is used in business would be helpful for starters, but even if you don't have this background, it won't take long for you to catch up.

In general, SAP Netweaver training is intended for a wide range of professionals such as data consultants/managers, database administrators, developers, enterprise architects, program/project managers, solution architects, system administrators/architects, or technology consultants. Basically, for anyone who has some role in data integration and business processes or elements.

What are you going to learn in this tutorial?

The entire content of this course is divided into 6 parts, presenting different aspects of SAP Netweaver. Here's an outline of the topics you're going to cover:

  • Firstly, we'll clarify what exactly SAP Netweaver is.
    Here, you'll make sure you know what it is NOT, and only then learn the proper definition and find out about its features.
  • We'll then move on to discussing the purpose of SAP Netweaver, the collection of software applications. How new can business components be enabled with this platform? How can you make your own business suite?
  • You'll explore the capabilities of SAP Netweaver. You'll investigate the ways to address the increasing demand for the internet market.
  • You'll get a full understanding of the components in SAP Netweaver (i.e., people, processes, and information). You'll learn how new features for business can be enabled with each component.
  • You'll investigate the SAP Netweaver architecture, and the ways SAP describes it.
  • And in the last section, you'll find a quick takeaway summary of Netweaver SAP architecture, its components, and the general definition that will help you to explain for anyone interested in understanding the SAP Netweaver concepts. You'll be that go-to guy in your company that anyone can turn to ask for a quick run over the concepts of SAP Netweaver. Sounds pretty cool, right?
Get the knowledge of an advanced suite to solve business challenges

You may think of SAP Netweaver for business as an MS Office: when you need to make calculations and reports, you'll turn to Excel; when you need a word processor, your first double-click will be on the MS Word icon; need to make a presentation? PowerPoint is the natural and first word that comes into your mind! Imagine having something similar in solving your business challenges. That's what SAP Netweaver is actually designed for. Get a good understanding of SAP Netweaver architecture, its components, and basic principles in this quick tutorial. It's going to be a useful addition to your current skill set. Join this course, and let's start learning!

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