Sales & Operations Planning / Integrated Business Planning

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Build an S & OP/IBP dashboards using only ExcelBuild Dashboards & Business Apps without writing a single line of code, all you need is Excel. In a world first we have designed a training course that helps the average Excel user create an Excel dashboard and an iPhone app without having to write a single line of code. When we build the dashboards we only use tools that come standard with Excel - like Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, Icons and Sparklines (and don't worry there isn't any visual basic or even a single macro in our solution). And here's the best bit … Claris FileMaker (an Apple subsidiary) has released a free database for iOS called FileMaker Go.  It works natively (i. e. online or off-line) on iPhones and iPads. The program you download from the resource section will automatically convert a simple spreadsheet into a sophisticated Business App that works with FileMaker Go. Therefore you will be able to distribute your own apps to as many people and iOS devices as you like. More advanced users can even host an online version which will work with most browsers including Android.  The advanced version can  integrate with everything from SQL to SAP and Claris has just released Claris Connect, which can connect your  app to API's via a simple workflow.  These advanced (multi-user) techniques are beyond the scope of this training course however advanced users, BI specialists, data analysts, data scientists, programmers and app developers may still want to take this course to refine core skills in multidimensional modelling and analysis. However, this training course is squarely aimed at the typical Excel user who wants a simple method for building their own Dashboards and Business Apps. Sign up today to start creating your own Dashboards and iPhone apps without learning a single line of code.




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