Rigging Vehicles with Rigid Body Physics in Blender 3.0

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This course will walk you through a more realistic way of rigging your vehicle using Blender's Physics engine.  By using Rigid Bodies and Rigid Body Constraints, you can literally drive your vehicle through your scene.  This method lets the physics engine calculate all the vehicle's motion like, camber angles, wheel speeds, body roll, brake dive etc, making your vehicle's motion much more realistic!  The techniques used in this course are aimed at making the finicky nature of using Rigid Bodies more manageable and efficient. While some knowledge of Blender is helpful, this course starts from beginner friendly introductions to Rigid Bodies and Constraints.  Blender 3.0+ is recommended, no addons required.  Only very light modeling is used, course includes all the models used. Completed. blend files included for all applicable lectures.  All vehicles are based on 3d Scanned real vehicles.   This course goes over: Rigid Bodies and ConstraintsThe Rigid Body WorldCustom PropertiesDriversPhysicsVehicle SuspensionsArmatures and Inverse KinematicsA few different suspension types are explored: Double Wishbone, Solid Axle, Trailing Arm, MacPherson Strut, and Twist Beam. By the end of the course you will be able to drive a vehicle around a dynamic scene all by adjusting driver inputs: Acceleration, Braking, Steering, Parking Brake and Target Speed.  An experimental section to control your vehicle using an XBox One (or similar) controller is also included (only tested in Windows). 




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