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Rhino 3D Simplified is a flexible course suitable for both beginners and intermediate students. It guides participants through the process of creating 3D models, which can be used for visual communication. This course is not only for Set Design. While the course is based on set design for film and TV, the principles of visual communication taught can be applied to other industries like architecture, design, gaming, and art. For those interested in the art department of film and TV, Rhino 3D Simplified offers valuable insights. The instructor shares their film-related design skills acquired from years of experience in the industry. The course condenses this expertise to help students learn the basics quickly and efficiently. TESTIMONIALSRhino3D is a colossal creating tool that Houman's course manages to break down into manageable pieces that helped me, a total newbie, feel like I am ready to begin producing quality work. Mark Markowsky, Set DecoratorI have been waiting to find a Rhino tutorial geared to our industry for a long time. It was very comprehensive from A to Z, and now I have the confidence to go full Rhino! Eli Best, Art DirectorWith Rhino 3D Simplified, students gain access to a comprehensive curriculum that covers the essential aspects of 3D modeling and visual communication. The course provides step-by-step guidance, enabling participants to create intricate and compelling 3D models for various purposes. Furthermore, the principles taught in this course extend beyond the realm of set design. Participants can apply the concepts and techniques to industries such as architecture, design, gaming, and art, broadening their skill set and expanding their career opportunities. Led by an experienced instructor, Rhino 3D Simplified draws upon the instructor's years of industry experience, offering valuable insights and practical knowledge. The course condenses this expertise into a concise format, allowing students to acquire the necessary skills efficiently. In summary, Rhino 3D Simplified empowers students with the fundamental skills and knowledge required to excel in the field of visual communication. With its comprehensive curriculum, industry insights, and practical instruction, the course serves as an invaluable resource for aspiring professionals across multiple industries.




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