RHCSA on RHEL 8: From Novice to Pro

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Linux is perhaps the most important software in the world. It powers 99% of super-computers, 82% of smartphones, 90% of cloud workloads, and most of the internet. From Television sets to Refrigerators, you'll find Linux everywhere! This is why Linux administration consistently ranks as one of the most in-demand technical skills. This course teaches you everything you need to get started administrating enterprise Linux-based systems even if you've never seen a Linux terminal before. You'll go from complete novice to intermediate Linux administrator. Here's a quick overview of what you'll be able to do after completing this course: Use essential tools like piping, redirection, text processing, regular expressions, user switching, permission management, and the manualOperate running systems by booting into different targets, interrupting the boot process, identifying resource (CPU, RAM, Disk) processes, interpreting log files and journals, and securely transferring filesConfigure local storage by manipulating GPT and MBR partitions, managing logical volumes, using UUIDs, and managing swap spaceManage file systems like EXT4, XFS and NFSManage packages by configuring remote and local repositories, and querying the RPM databaseConfigure basic networking by setting up IP addresses, and configuring name resolutionManage users and groups by manipulating users, groups, passwords, Maintain server security with privilege escalation, firewall management, access control lists, and security enhanced LinuxDeploy enterprise services as containerized applicationsWrite production-quality shell scripts using conditions, tests, loops, functions, and script parametersAfter this course, you'll be ready to apply for Junior and mid-level Linux Admin jobs.




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