R Data Analysis with Projects - Hands On: 3-in-1

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With its popularity as a statistical programming language rapidly increasing with each passing day, R is increasingly becoming the preferred tool of choice for data analysts and data scientists who want to make sense of large amounts of data as quickly as possible. R has a rich set of libraries that can be used for basic as well as advanced data analysis. This comprehensive 3-in-1 course delivers you the ability to conduct data analysis in practical contexts with R, using core language packages and tools. The goal is to provide analysts and data scientists a comprehensive learning course on how to manipulate and analyse small and large sets of data with R. You will learn to implement your learning with real-world examples of data analysis. You will also work on three different projects to apply the concepts of data analysis. This training program includes 3 complete courses, carefully chosen to give you the most comprehensive training possible. The first course, Learning Data Analysis with R, starts off with covering the most basic importing techniques to download compressed data from the web and will help you learn more advanced ways to handle the most difficult datasets to import. You will then learn how to create static plots and how to plot spatial data on interactive web platforms such as Google Maps and Open Street maps. You will learn to implement your learning with real-world examples of data analysis. The second course, Mastering Data Analysis with R, contains carefully selected advanced data analysis concepts such as cluster analysis, time-series analysis, Association mining, PCA (Principal Component Analysis), handling missing data, sentiment analysis, spatial data analysis with R and QGIS, advanced data visualization with R and ggplot2. The third course, R Data Analytics Projects, takes you on a data-driven journey that starts with the very basics of R data analysis and machine learning. You will then work on three different projects to apply the concepts of machine learning and data analysis. Each project will help you to understand, explore, visualize, and derive domain- and algorithm-based insights. By the end of this Learning Path, you'll gain in-depth knowledge of the basic and advanced data analysis concepts in R and will be able to put your learnings into practice. Meet Your Expert(s): We have the best work of the following esteemed author(s) to ensure that your learning journey is smooth: ● Fabio Veronesi obtained a Ph. D. in digital soil mapping from Cranfield University and then moved to ETH Zurich, where he has been working for the past three years as a postdoc. In his career, Dr. Veronesi worked at several topics related to environmental research such as digital soil mapping, cartography and shaded relief, renewable energy and transmission line siting. During this time Dr. Veronesi specialized in the application of spatial statistical techniques to environmental data.● Dr. Bharatendra Rai is Professor of Business Statistics and Operations Management in the Charlton College of Business at UMass Dartmouth. He received his Ph. D. in Industrial Engineering from Wayne State University, Detroit. His two master's degrees include specializations in quality, reliability, and OR from Indian Statistical Institute and another in statistics from Meerut University, India. He teaches courses on topics such as Analyzing Big Data, Business Analytics and Data Mining, Twitter and Text Analytics, Applied Decision Techniques, Operations Management, and Data Science for Business. He has over twenty years of consulting and training experience, including industries such as automotive, cutting tool, electronics, food, software, chemical, defense, and so on, in the areas of SPC, design of experiments, quality engineering, problem solving tools, Six-Sigma, and QMS. His work experience includes extensive research experience over five years at Ford in the areas of quality, reliability, and six-sigma. His research publications include journals such as IEEE Transactions on Reliability, Reliability Engineering & System Safety, Quality Engineering, International Journal of Product Development, International Journal of Business Excellence, and JSSSE.● Raghav Bali is a Data Scientist at Optum, a United Health Group Company. He is part of the Data Science group where his work is enabling United Health Group develop data driven solutions to transform healthcare sector. He primarily works on data science, analytics and development of scalable machine learning based solutions. In his previous role at Intel as a Data Scientist, his work involved research and development of enterprise solutions in the infrastructure domain leveraging cutting edge techniques from machine learning, deep learning and transfer learning. He has also worked in domains such as ERP and finance with some of the leading organizations of the world. Raghav has a master's degree (gold medalist) in Information Technology from International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore. Raghav has authored several books on Machine Learning and Analytics using R and Python. He is a technology enthusiast who loves reading and playing around with new gadgets and technologies. ● Dipanjan Sarkar is a Data Scientist at Intel, on a mission to make the world more connected and productive. He primarily works on data science, analytics, business intelligence, application development, and building large-scale intelligent systems. He holds a master of technology degree in Information Technology with specializations in Data Science and Software Engineering. He is also an avid supporter of self-learning. He has been an analytics practitioner for several years now, specializing in machine learning, natural language processing, statistical methods and deep learning.




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