Python Programming for Beginners - Practical & In Real-Time

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Python is a most popular programming language right now. There are like thousands of reasons why you should learn Python. Python is the most easiest and simple to learn. Those who are expert in Python are tend to have high paid salary in the most popular companies. In India the average pay-scale for a Python Developer is around ₹427,293 for a fresher and can go up-to ₹1,000,000 per annum. If you are unsure of it, go ahead and do a Google on python developer salary per annum. You will be amazed to see the results. Speaking on monthly basis, if you are a fresher, you can earn up-to ₹35,607 per month. In the past few years, Python has become so popular that almost every existing software company in relying on Python as their go to programming language. Python is considered a High level programming language. If you don't know what's High level and Low level programming language, it goes something like this. Any programming language that used English words, which are understandable by humans are called High level programming language. Other programming Languages which are hard to read and understand are called Low level programming languages. Usually High level programming languages like Python are very easy to learn and use. Since its so simple, its used in almost every platform. Another thing is Python when compared to other languages, you don't need to write complex codes. Because of the simplicity of code, its been used from beginner to advanced level programmers. Python is also used to Web Development. Let me give you an example. Right now you are viewing this course on Udemy, believe it or not, even Udemy is built with Python framework called Django. Not just udemy, other popular websites like Google, Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, Uber, Pinterest, Dropbox and Quora are all built with Python. If you have heard about AI also known as Artificial Intelligence is also built and programmed with Python. Actually AI is one of the most common reasons why people start with python or switch from other programming languages to Python. The capability of Python used for machines to make them think, make decisions and analyze makes python the most popular programming Language. Python is also used in Data Science, Automation & Scripting, Framework Testing, Big Data and so much more. This is a beginners course for you guys to get started in the amazing world of Python. If you ever get stuck within the course make sure to ask your questions in the Q and A section. I am always here to help you guys. Hope you guys enjoy the course. All the best.




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