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Welcome to our PCEP Python video course, designed to prepare you for the Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer Certification Examination provided by the Python Institute. Our course is created in collaboration with OpenEDG, the owner of Python Institute, to ensure the highest level of quality and complete PCEP syllabus coverage. Whether you're a beginner or have some programming experience, our course will provide you with the fundamental concepts and skills you need to become a successful Python developer. You'll learn everything from the basics of computer programming to data types, operators, functions, and basic Python internals. Our course is unique in that we provide practical questions after each module to help you better understand and apply the concepts. We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our course, and if you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied. By enrolling in our video course, you'll have access to: Comprehensive coverage of PCEP syllabus with practical exercisesExpertly designed modules to help you learn at your own pacePractical questions to help reinforce your learningAccess to a community of learners and support from instructorsAn accredited course from Python Institute, ensuring you have the skills employers are looking forDon't miss out on this opportunity to start your journey as a Python developer. Enroll in our PCEP Python video course today and take the first step towards a rewarding career in programming! After each module, you will have access to practical questions to better understand the concepts. More details here:1. The fundamentals of computer programming, i. e. how the computer works, how the program is executed, how the programming language is defined and constructed, what the difference is between compilation and interpretation, what Python is, how it is positioned among other programming languages, and what distinguishes the different versions of Python2. The basic methods of formatting and outputting data offered by Python, together with the primary kinds of data and numerical operators, their mutual relations and bindings; the concept of variables and variable naming conventions; the assignment operator, the rules governing the building of expressions; the inputting and converting of data;3. Boolean values to compare difference values and control the execution paths using the if and if-else instructions; the utilization of loops (while and for) and how to control their behavior using the break and continue instructions; the difference between logical and bitwise operations; the concept of lists and list processing, including the iteration provided by the for loop, and slicing; the idea of multi-dimensional arrays;4. The defining and using of functions - their rationale, purpose, conventions, and traps; the concept of passing arguments in different ways and setting their default values, along with the mechanisms of returning the function's results; name scope issues; new data aggregates: tuples and dictionaries, and their role in data processing. Our video course is not only aligned with the PCEP exam but also designed to give you a strong foundation in Python programming. We provide clear explanations of fundamental concepts and practical examples to help you understand how to apply them. By taking our course, you will also gain access to practical questions and exercises that will test your knowledge and help you reinforce what you have learned. You will be able to assess your progress and identify areas where you need to focus more. At MyDistanceTraining, we believe in providing high-quality courses that meet the needs of our students. We take pride in the fact that our course is fully approved and accredited by the Python Institute, ensuring that you receive the highest level of training available.




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