Python Network Programming - TCP/IP Socket Programming

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Have you ever wanted to connect two computers or devices remotely but didn't know how to? May be you even know how to code in Python but have no idea about Python networking? Or might even know the concepts of networking like IP address, Ports and sockets but don't know how to compile all of them together in Python?With over 32 videos this online Python Networking course is designed to provide a solid foundation in Python Network Programming using Socket Programming and Communication. Network programming is one field which everybody uses but is still considered an advanced topic. Networking with Python is easy for beginners and powerful enough for advance coders. You will also learn (BONUS)  How to create an online live server on Digital ocean and run python files on itMulti threading and how to use it in creating a Python networkPython socket programming with python socket example and python socket serverCreate a security tool called reverse shell used by hackers to remotely connect to victims computers. Source Code - All source code shown in this course is also available for download. Students can create their own projects using the downloaded Python files. Why choose me as an instructor? When i was a kid i saw this YouTube video on how make a folder invisible on Windows I was so fascinated with this idea. Since then my love for technology has only grown. I understand the people who are passionate about learning new things. At the end of each section we will take a quiz to check up on your skills and see if we're ready for the next section. We will create this project together from start to finish. So, why wait? If all this sounds great to you, Press on "Take this Course" and start learning today! 100% money-back guarantee!




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