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Welcome to Python Docx from Beginner to Winner! Here we will learn together how to use python-docx module to generate dynamically docx files! Docx files automation with Python will become to you as easy as pie! In each session we will replicate a Microsoft docx previously created by hand. Together we will explore python-docx API, we will look at its code, we will debug its code and we will improve its code! It will be fun, bold and memorable! Also we will take a look at its internal XML code, we will compare with the original one, we will understand how it works and we will change it in our favor! After taking the first session you will be already able to: Insert paragraphs;Insert images;Insert tables;Format tables;Align paragraphs and images;Change paragraph font name and size;Use TTF fonts;Change paragraph color;Add/remove bold, italic and underline;Add different styles of underline: single, double line, wave, and more;Create your own paragraph styles;Look at its internal XML code, understand it and change it;Add pagination. Quite a journey right?Join with me to this challenge of exploring python-docx module, we have a lot to learn! Become a winner and start automate your Microsoft Docx files now! Key Concepts: Insert paragraphs, insert images, insert tables, format tables, align paragraphs, align images, change paragraph font name, change paragraph font size, use ttf fonts (TrueType Fonts), change paragraph color, add bold, remove bold, add italic, remove italic, add underline, remove underline, add single line underline, add wavy underline, add double line underline, create styles, pagination.




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