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A warm welcome to the Python Programming course by Uplatz. Python is a high-level, general-purpose and a very popular programming language. Python programming language is being used in web development, Machine Learning applications, along with all cutting edge technology in software industry. Python is a popular programming language. It was created by Guido van Rossum, and released in 1991. It is used in web development, data science, creating software prototypes, and so on. Fortunately for beginners, Python has simple easy-to-use syntax. Python is one of the high-level, interpreted and general-purpose programming languages that is easy to use, comprehensive and powerful. Python is a widely used dynamic programming language compared to other languages such as Java, Perl, PHP, and Ruby. It is often termed as a scripting language. It provides support for automatic memory management, multiple programming paradigms, and implements the basic concepts of object-oriented programming (OOP). Python programming language is supported with a huge and broad standard library. The library of Python provides support for many Internet protocols such as FTP, and IMAP. It has a unique syntax, which makes it different from other programming languages like Java, C++, and C. Python has some great applications. It is widely used in the development of frameworks such as Django and Pyramid, and advanced content management systems like Plone and Django CMS. Key areas where Python is usedweb development (server-side)analytics and data visualizationsoftware developmentmathematics & statisticssystem scriptingFeatures of Python programming languagePython is currently the most widely used multi-purpose, high-level programming language. Python allows programming in object-oriented paradigms. Python programs generally are smaller than other programming languages like Java. Programmers have to type relatively less and indentation requirement of the language, makes them readable all the time. Python language is being used by top companies across all sectors such as Walmart, Google, Amazon, Tesla, etc. The biggest strength of Python is huge collection of standard library which can be used for the following: Machine LearningGUI Applications (like Kivy, Tkinter, PyQt etc. )Web frameworks like Django (used by YouTube, Instagram, Dropbox)Image processing (like OpenCV, Pillow)Web scraping (like Scrapy, BeautifulSoup, Selenium)Test frameworksMultimediaScientific computingText processing, and moreUplatz provides this comprehensive course on Python programming. This Python course will help you to learn Python programming language from scratch. Python Programming - Course SyllabusIntroduction to Python ProgrammingWhat is Python Programming?History of Python ProgrammingFeatures of Python ProgrammingWhy to learn Python ProgrammingApplication of Python ProgrammingSetup of Python ProgrammingGetting PythonInstallation of PythonGetting started with the first Python programRunning the first Python ProgramVariables and Data TypesWhat is a variable?Declaration of variableVariable assignmentData types in PythonChecking Data typeData types ConversionPython programs for Variables and Data TypesPython Identifiers, Keywords, Reading Input, Output FormattingWhat is an Identifier?KeywordsReading InputTaking multiple inputs from userOutput FormattingPython end parameterOperators in PythonOperators and types of operators      a) Arithmetic Operators      b) Relational Operators      c) Assignment Operators      d) Logical Operators      e) Membership Operators      f) Identity Operators     g) Bitwise OperatorsPython programs for all types of operatorsDecision MakingIntroduction to Decision makingTypes of decision-making statementsIntroduction, syntax, flowchart and programs for      a) if statement      b) if…else statement      c) elif statementLoopsIntroduction to loopsTypes of loops      a) for loop      b) while loop      c) infinite loop      d) nested loopBreak, continue and pass statementPython programs for all types of loopsNumbersNumber Type ConversionRandom Number FunctionsTrigonometric FunctionsMathematical ConstantsStringsAccessing Values in StringsUpdating StringsString Special OperatorsBuilt-in String MethodsListsPython ListsAccessing Values in ListsUpdating ListsDeleting List ElementsBasic List OperationsBuilt-in List Functions and MethodsTuplesAccessing Values in TuplesUpdating TuplesDeleting Tuple ElementsBasic Tuples OperationsBuilt-in Tuple FunctionsDifference between list and tupleDictionaryAccessing Values in DictionaryUpdating DictionaryDelete Dictionary ElementsProperties of Dictionary KeysBuilt-in Dictionary Functions and MethodsDate and TimeWhat is Tick?What is TimeTuple?Getting Current TimeGetting Formatted TimeGetting Calendar for a MonthFunctionsDefining a FunctionCalling a FunctionPassing by Reference versus Passing by ValueWays to write functionTypes of functionsAnonymous functionRecursive FunctionModulesWhat is a module?Creating a moduleThe import StatementThe 'from' import StatementRenaming a moduleUsing the dir() functionThe 'from' import * StatementLocating ModulesFiles I/OPrinting to the ScreenOpening and Closing FilesThe open FunctionThe file Object AttributesThe close() MethodReading and Writing FilesThe write() MethodThe read() MethodMore Operations on FilesExceptionsWhat is Exception?Handling an ExceptionThe except Clause with No ExceptionsThe except Clause with Multiple ExceptionsThe try-finally ClauseList of Standard ExceptionRaising an ExceptionArgument of an ExceptionClasses and ObjectsWhat is an Object?What is a Class?Creating a ClassCreating an objectSelf in Python init methodExamplesRegular ExpressionWhat is a Regular Expression?Metacharactersmatch() functionsearch() functionre match() vs re search()findall() functionsplit() functionsub() functionGUI ProgrammingWhat is a GUI Programming?Tkinter ProgrammingTkinter WidgetsBuilding Your First Python GUI program with Tkinter




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