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★ JOIN 2,200+ STUDENTS WHO HAVE PROTECTED THEIR WEBSITE WITHOUT COSTLY LAWYER FEES! ★ Do you currently run a website or looking to start a website?  Do you want to protect your website?  Do you want to write a Terms and Condition or Privacy Policy for your website without costly lawyer fees? Over 90% of websites and blogs are in violation of a state, federal, or global privacy laws because of inadequate Terms and Condition or Privacy Policy on their website. Terms and Conditions is a set of rules between you, the website owner, and the visitors of your website. Having a Terms and Conditions protects your website by preventing abuses, it sets a notice to your readers that you own the content on your website, it allows you to terminate user accounts, sets governing laws, and most importantly, limits your liability. Having a Terms and Conditions makes sure you'll have some kind of disclaimer aimed at limiting your liability in case there are errors in your online content. According to most countries' privacy laws, including United State's, you are required to have a written Privacy Policy on your website.  Privacy Policy discloses some or all of the ways the website owner gathers, uses, discloses, and manages a user's data. A privacy policy fulfills the legal requirement to protect a website visitor's privacy. Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy are a must for every website or online business. ★ Student review by Dana Peterson, Thank you for putting this course together and for providing the sample documents to use. I put it to use right away on my own blog. The course was easy to follow and understand. ★ Student review by Sharona Moss, "Sam did a great job providing me all of the specifics of what to do to protect my website. I love how he included so many samples of different things like terms and conditions and private policies. He is clear and concise and I like how he explains it in a way for people without a law background to understand the information. Thank you! ► WHO AM I? My name is Sam and I'm a business lawyer in Los Angeles who represents entrepreneurs, creative artists, and business owners with their new and existing businesses. As a business owner and entrepreneur for over a decade, I have found the legal aspect of business to be daunting and confusing.  After consulting and teaching business law for many years, I decided to combine my passion in video production and teaching to create online courses to make the legal aspects of business as easy and approachable as possible. I have a strong passion in sharing my secrets and I hope to inspire you to succeed in your business. I know your time is valuable so I don't fill up my courses with useless jargon - you only get the necessary information you need to succeed. Sign up and find out for yourself why so many people are taking and recommending my courses. ► WHY DO I NEED TO TAKE THIS COURSE? You are in process of building a beautiful website for your business, when the developer asks for your Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.  You've spent weeks perfecting the landing page, writing your bio, and other online content. But what about that legal fine print you see linked to the bottom of every website? You doubt anyone will ever read it but you know it's necessary.  So do you really need to create a Terms and Conditions page for your website? Privacy especially will be increasingly important over the next several years and entrepreneurs will increasingly find themselves liable for all kinds of things if it is not drafted correctly. You can also save money on not having to hire a business lawyer. By taking this course, you don't need to consult a business lawyer when you're running a website. Knowing how to protect your website will save you a lot of time and money. ► COURSE TOPICS What is a Terms and Condition Agreement?What Does a Terms and Conditions Do?Who Needs a Terms and Conditions?5 Reasons Why You Need a Terms and Condition?How to Create Your Terms and Condition?Usable Sample Terms and Condition You Can Use for Your WebsiteWhat is a Privacy Policy?Who Needs a Privacy Policy?3 Reasons Why You Need a Privacy Policy?How to Create Your Privacy Policy?Usable Sample Privacy Policy You Can Use for Your WebsiteAnd much more.★ COURSE BONUSES ★ Usable Sample Terms and Conditions You Can Use for Your WebsiteUsable Sample Privacy Policy You Can Use for Your WebsiteResources & other Tools to Help You Protect Your Website What makes this course unique is that it's a comprehensive course on everything you need to know about protecting your website as an entrepreneur and website owner or blogger. Don't worry, it's clear and simple. ► WHAT YOU GET Over 12 video lectures clearly explaining how to protect your website and step-by-step instructions on how you can create your own Terms and Condition and Privacy Policy without a lawyer! Lifetime access, ask questions, and see the newest information available about protecting your website! Avoid paying a business lawyer upwards of $350 an hour for general legal adviceQuick actionable resources and links to help you protect your websiteAsk me, a business lawyer, questions directly. I'll be updating the content of this course based on your questions. By enrolling in this course, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and get personal feedback. Certificate of CompletionDiscounts on future courses30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with my course for any reason whatsoever, I will offer you a full refund. No questions asked. Thank you for making this the best selling website protection course on Udemy! I show my gratitude by consistently making new lectures and answering your legal questions in the course discussion! ► What are you waiting for?  Every day you wait is costing you money! Don't forget that this course is covered by Udemy's 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - so you don't have anything to lose. ★ Enroll right now!




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