Project Risk Management: 7 Reasons Your Projects May Fail and How to Prevent Them

InstructorWolf Matejek
Duration1h 55s
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Course description

It doesn’t matter what kind of industry you’re working for – project management challenges everyone. Teamwork can indeed give way more impressive results than someone working individually. However, there’s also much more risk involved: you’re working with multiple personalities on one team.

Even if everyone brings their most positive energy, miscommunication and accidents can still happen, costing your team time, money, or quality of the final product. That’s why timely project risk management is crucial to any company. In this course, we will be looking into the importance of risk management in project management and learn to identify the signs of potential issues before the team runs into them.

Identifying project risks in time instead of solving problems later

To put it simply, project risk management is recognizing the potential issues that can stump the progress of your project before they arise and nipping them in the bud. In this course, I will be presenting seven types of threats most commonly encountered when pursuing projects. All of them can be prevented if you know and notice the signs in time.

The potential issues we will be discussing in this project risk management course include:

  • Incompetent planning and unclear direction of the project itself
  • Lack of means for sufficient project management (methodology and tools)
  • Lack of team members qualified to achieve the desired result
  • Failure to track and manage changes, threats, finances, and performance
  • Failure to involve executive management in the process
  • Miscommunication among the members of the team
  • Miscommunication with the stakeholders and constituents

You will learn to recognize the telltale signs of every one of these problems. You will also get clear and practical tips on how to behave in each case so the issue doesn’t spread. Understanding the root of every threat, you will feel much stronger in the area of risk management. In project management, this is one of the most important skills to have.

Put a stop to potentially harmful project management challenges

According to a survey conducted by the Project Management Institute, only 27 percent of organizations swear they alway use project risk management practices. Unsurprisingly, the statistics for successfully completed projects look very similar: only one in every four projects is finished precisely on time, on budget, and without running into serious issues. Coincidence? We don’t think so.

In this project risk management course, you will also find a checklist to help you with the project assessment. A list of accurate questions to consider will prove to be useful in identifying project risks in advance. Using the follow-up questions, you will be able to regain control of your progress in a timely manner. The faster you notice the potential shortcomings, the less harm there is to deal with!

In just one hour, you will learn everything you need to prevent your project from running into the most common issues that affect all kinds of industries. Learn today, gain the necessary know-how, and improve the efficiency of your team!

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