Project Management 8 hour Ultimate Course

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InstructorBen Moreau
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Course description


If you ever wanted to understand the behind the scenes of project Management, become a project manager or bring your project management skills to the next level...

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in Project Management

  • People interested in becoming a Project Manager

  • Project Managers who want to up their game.

Course outline:

  • Introduction, tips to follow the course, introduction to Project Management, the Birth of Project Management legend.

  • Part 1: The full Project Management course (including all phases of Project Management, Practical view, how to simplify, with lots of diagrams and examples)

  • Part 2: A framework to ace it as a Project Manager, including the overall Project Management context and what to say at interviews.

  • Part 3: The course in context of some Project Management standards (PMP, Prince2, Waterfall, Agile)

My name is Ben, I have been a Project Manager for more than 20 years working for amongst others IBM, HP, large Financial companies and also Government agencies. I have also been coaching Project Managers for more than 10 years.

I have all the most respected Project Management certifications (PMP, Prince2, MSP, Agile Project Management) - and you know when I was doing those courses - I did not really enjoy them because when I did them I was already a PM and what I was hearing was not usable and so remote from what happens out in the field... and I thought I can do better maybe - to bring this knowledge to people interested in Project Management.

So I have learned from it and wanted to make a course that would provide you with all you need to understand project management - both the theory and the practical / real life components. I also wanted to make it more palatable by including diagrams, templates, plenty of examples and some quizzes.

As part of this course I also provide a framework to go beyond being just a standard project manager - to really ace it. A very concrete, step by step framework that if you follow - will really take you to the next level in project management, you would be out there with the best!

And finally this course includes an introduction to the most common methodologies/standards in Project Management (PMP, Prince2, Waterfall, Agile).


What Will I Get ?

  • Understand the full process and behind the scenes of project Management, become a project manager  or bring your project management skills to the next level.


  • No knowledge prerequisites
  • Acrobat (for PDF) and Office (For Word and Excel) are nice to have although not essential
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