Programming macOS Using SwiftUI - Project Based Learning

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SwiftUI was introduced at WWDC 2019 and it has dramatically changed the future direction of iOS, macOS and watchOS applications. SwiftUI provides an easy to use declarative syntax, which allows you to quickly create high performance apps with less code. In this course, you will learn how to implement macOS applications using SwiftUI framework. This course is a project based course, which means you will learn by building real world applications. Let's check out the contents of the course. Quick Tour of SwiftUIIn this section, you will get a quick tour of SwiftUI framework. This will include different Stack controls, List, Button etc. State Management in SwiftUIIn this section, you will learn about different state management techniques available in SwiftUI. This includes @State, @Binding, @EnvironmentObject and @Environment. Understanding MVVM Design PatternIn this section, you will learn and understand the MVVM Design Pattern. MVVM pattern is the most common pattern used when implementing SwiftUI applications. RemindersIn this section, you will implement the Reminders application from start to finish. You will use Core Data to persist information into the SQLite database. You will also learn how to set up one-to-many relationships in Core Data. MapsIn this section, you will implement the Maps application. You will learn how to use NSViewRepresentable to configure and set up maps for macOS applications. You will also learn how to search for close by businesses and display them on the screen. This app also covers how to calculate directions from the user's current location to the destination and how to display an overlay on the map. You will also learn how to implement the preferences screen allowing users to change measurement units. StocksIn this section, you will learn how to create the Stocks application using SwiftUI. You will learn how to integrate your app with multiple Web APIs and consume JSON data. The app will also demonstrate how to display graphs and news associated with each stock. You will also learn how to create a lightweight routing engine for your application. Who is this course for?Developers interested in expanding their skills from iOS to macOS platforms. For developers who want to learn about implementing large applications using SwiftUI framework. Developers who want to move to the senior role by learning advanced techniques for app development. I had so much fun in creating this course, I consider this to be one of my best courses. Thank you so much for your continuous support. Hope you enjoy the course.




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