Programming Fundamentals: An Introduction to Pseudocode

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Course Update HistoryMar-2023: *NEW* Added solution videos for all the assignments. Jan-2023: *NEW* Consolidated practice activities in each section. Jan-2022: *NEW* Overview and steps to install Notepad++ for writing Pseudocode. Jul-2020: *NEW* Added new lecture for using the Diagrams(.)net tool. Feb-2020: Initial versionWhat Students Are SayingI had a fantastic journey and an exceptional experience while participating in the course curriculum. - T. N. Behera. This course has been a good refresher with a quick dive into programming fundamentals. It helped clarify some concepts and raise my confidence in my journey - Shanti Vadlamani. The course is beneficial to understand the fundamentals - Bhavana. Very Detailed and clear and extremely interesting. Gets the participants hooked onto learning more and more - Rehan Hariyani. A good course for those looking to know about programming fundamentals without going into language-specific syntax. A refresher for those who have already learned to program.- Venkat Ramanan RadhakrishnanFundamentals of programming are crucial to starting your career as a software developer. A strong foundation in programming concepts will help you learn any programming language. This course will teach you the programming language fundamentals from the ground up. You will be taken through a carefully selected approach for absolute beginners toward learning programming fundamentals. My name is Praveen, and I am your instructor for this course! I had worked for about ten years in Honeywell, wherein I'd transitioned from Software Engineer to Senior Software Engineer, Tech Lead, and so on in C#. NET development. For six years, I've worked in the security domain for an access control product based on. NET technology. Moreover, I've published 30+ Udemy Courses and Udemy Labs on various. NET and cloud technologies. Topics Covered In This CourseGetting started with programming fundamentals, including an introduction to Flowcharts and Pseudocodes. Understanding Variables and their types include integer, float, boolean, string, etc. Understanding Operators that includes Assignment (=), Mathematical (+, -, *,/), Comparison (>,




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