Product Cost Controlling (CO-PC) in SAP - Real-Life Scenario

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Product Cost Controlling (CO-PC) in SAP is very simple and easy. But why is everyone saying that Product Costing is one of the most complicated topics in SAP?I too first struggled with costing and could not really grasp the overall picture of how things really work in the system. Everything changed when one of my colleagues saw my pain and showed me how product costing was maintained for one of the companies he was working for. After spending just a few hours in the system, I had a crystal-clear understanding of how costing in SAP works. All it took was one real-life example to see how simple the topic actually is. This is what this course will be offering to you. We will be building a realistic end-to-end costing scenario that is based on a real-life example. In this course, we will not be going through every single costing-related configuration screen in detail as this is usually just a waste of your time. Once you understand how one complete costing scenario is set up and how the costs are flowing inside the system, it is fast and easy for you to start expanding your knowledge on your own and become a true expert on the topic. As Product Costing can't be discussed without also discussing Cost Elements (note: in S/4HANA, cost element & GL master data has been merged) and Cost Centers, we will also go through all the fundamentals of Controlling (CO). So you do not need to have any prior experience with the Controlling module to take this course. I guarantee that after this course, you have a good overall understanding of how costing works in the system and you will be ready to start implementing advanced costing scenarios in the system. My promise to you is that this will be the best SAP course you have ever taken. The structure of this course is the following. We will first start with a short slide set that introduces our costing scenario that is based on a real-life company. The slide deck also introduces the most fundamental terms and concepts related to product costing. I know that I have made a big fuss about explaining costing through a real example in the system and not through slides but please bear with me. We will not use too much time going through the slides and we will be playing around in the system before you know it. After we have finished our short theory session, we will start looking at how costs are planned in the system. Cost planning is essential for the creation of material costs estimates that decide how goods are valued in financial postings and in a company's balance sheet. Cost planning also gives us information that can be used for managerial decision-making and allows us to compare actual costs to cost estimates. The final part of the course is about the actual costs: We will go through what happens in costing during the actual manufacturing process and will see how cost controlling is linked with Production Planning and Financial Accounting. This course is specially designed for people who have started to read a 1,000 pages SAP Controlling manual and given up after the first 100 pages after countless chapters of irrelevant background information and no realistic examples of how things actually work in practice. The unfortunate truth is that SAP consultants don't know how to teach SAP. But I'm too shy to claim that I make an exception to this rule. Every second of my video lectures is designed to expand your knowledge as fast as possible. Sign up for my course and I promise that it will be the best investment you have ever made for your SAP career.




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