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These SQL Interview Questions are prepared to help you revise your SQL Concepts. When we prepare for an interview, we are usually just looking at Questions and Answers without knowing whether we know the concepts or not. These questions will help you practice your real knowledge and see if your concepts are clear. If not, you can always revise using google or (better) by practicing these queries in SQL Server. These SQL Interview Questions are prepared to cover all your basic SQL Concepts - data types, joins, triggers, functions, stored procedures. Chances are that you have been using them in your daily life but are not sure what are the differences between them or which object is best used when. Our interview preparation questions try to clear your concepts by giving you multiple options and explaining why you chose was wrong. The questions in these preparation tests are all multiple choice, so these are quick are to answer and you will cover multiple concepts in a fun and easy way. You can also try creating small programs around these to confirm your understanding. What this course contains: 79 Multiple choice Practice/Test questionsWho should take this course: Recommended for: New or experienced developers using SQL and preparing for an interviewWhat Scrum Topics are covered: Normalization - 1NF, 2NF, 3NF, BCNF, 4NFCommand Types - DDL, DCL, TCL, DMLTriggers and CursorsSQL Data TypesSQL Joins - Left, Right, Inner, Outer, Cross Join, Cartesian ProductSQL Transactions Keys and Constraints - Primary, Foreign, Unique, DefaultIndexes - Clustered, Non-ClusteredSQL common queriesViews, Functions, and Stored Procedures




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