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Welcome! Congratulations on taking the first important step towards preparing for the Exam! This is an Assessment created for the PSM I (Professional Scrum Master™ I) and PSPO I (Professional Scrum Product Owner™ I) Examinations. The Scrum. org Professional Scrum Master (PSM) and Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) certifications require that students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of Scrum through a rigorous assessment. These certifications are not a proof of attendance but is rather proof of Scrum knowledge. These certificates are lifelong, and do not require any additional payments or renewal. Reference: Scrum. org. What does this course contain and what is different about this course when compared to other courses?1) This course contains a set of practice exams. It is a question bank containing questions and answers which will help you prepare for the actual PSM I (Professional Scrum Master™ I) and PSPO I (Professional Scrum Product Owner™ I)  Certification. 2) Every question in this course is explained in details based on the latest November 2020 Guide and will help prepare for the PSM I and PSPO I certification. Memorizing the answers to these questions will not be enough for your exam! You will need to understand why the correct answers are correct and why the wrong answers are incorrect. The course explanations will help you with the same.  The questions and answers highlight all the important information present on: The Scrum Guide. (November 2020 Version)Scrum Forums and Other published articles.3) This question bank uses the appropriate Scrum Language. The questions provided in this bank, are precise and  cover most of the exam topics (if not all). The answers explain the related content in an easily understandable format. 4) These practice exams are not a replacement for the courses, teachings, training material, content, learning paths, open assessments or guidelines provided by Scrum. org (or affiliated Certified Teachers). It is recommended that one attends a Scrum. org courses (available on Scrum. org) and go through the materials and content provided by the Scrum. Org Coach(s)/Trainers (optional).  One has to read the Scrum Guide and go through the learnings paths found on scrum. org (multiple times) to understand the concepts well. These Practice Exams are additional practice exercises designed to boast confidence before taking the actual exam. What to not expect in this course?1. Based on the guidelines provided by Scrum. org, none of the questions are copied from (or are a replica) of the Open Assessments found at Scrum. org or any other sites. If similar questions exist, then it's merely a coincidence. 2. The Questions which appear on the actual exam along with the answers will be different from what you find in this practice exam. Where do i start?Following are the steps for taking (and passing) the Scrum. org Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) and Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO I) assessment and obtaining the certification:1. If you are new to Scrum and have never been part of a Scrum team, taking a Scrum. org course is highly recommended. Attend a Scrum. org Professional Scrum Master or Professional Scrum Product Owner course and review this practice assessment upon completion of the course.2. Read the November 2020 Scrum Guide. The Scrum Guide is extremely condensed and thus we have decomposed and categorized the most important information present on the Scrum Guide in these practice assessments.3. Go through the Learning Paths, articles and other recommended content present on Scrum. org. Go through the Scrum. org open assessments.4. Go through the explanations in this course. These questions were compiled very carefully. Go through the answers and make sure you understand the concepts. Make sure you go through the answers explanations regardless of whether you answered the questions correctly or not. Tips for the Exam: Choose your scrum master course wisely. For those of you that are reading this before you attend a class, do your research and choose the instructor that is right for you. Make sure you take the course recommended by Scrum. org. Think of the correct answer before you read the choices. You just took the class and studied. You probably know the answer already. Think of the right answer and look at the choices. Examine all of the possible options before selecting one. This keeps you from picking an answer that is close to the correct one. Read all of the options from the bottom up. Your brain tends to be biased towards the first reasonable answer. Read all of the answers to ensure there isn't one that is a better fit. If you are stuck, start eliminating what you know is wrong. Often times wrong answers will be obvious. For example, any answer in multiples of months is wrong for any time box-related scrum question. Watch out for words like all, always, none, and never. Choices with these words are often misleading. For example, if a choice uses the word always, that means there is not a singe possible instance where something wouldn't be true. This is unlikely. Don't forget to review your answers. Double-check everything before you submit your answers. Don't waste too much time on a tricky question, remember you can always come back. If a question has you stumped, flag it for review and come back to it later. A quick web search for "tips for multiple-choice tests" will give you even more helpful tips and tricks. Note: 1. Scrum, Scrum. org, Scrum Alliance, Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Scrum Product Owner, Prosessional Scrum Master, Professional Scrum Product Owner are all protected Brands. These practice exams are neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Scrum Alliance, nor with Scrum. org. This is not the Scrum Alliance or Scrum. org official exam and passing it does not guarantee success with the actual exam. Scrum Alliance and Scrum. org Logos, Course content, Certification Exams and all related assets are registered and copyrighted contents belonging to Scrum Alliance INC and Scrum. Org and any other parties whose content has been referred as part of the original course or material. We have referenced the Scrum Alliance and Scrum. org material to create these Practice Exams to help people test their knowledge before final exam. We don't have any claims on the original course content or any other material referred here, all copyrights rest with their original owners.2. These exams should be taken after attending the official Scrum alliance or Scrum. org course (Explore Training at: https://www. Scrum. org). The above content solely belongs to Scrum Alliance and Scrum.  org.3. These practice exams are not substitute for any of the courses, learning material or content provided by Scrum. org or Scrum Alliance.4, The statements made and opinions expressed herein belong exclusively to the creator of this course and are not shared by or represent the viewpoint of Scrum. org or Scrumalliance. org.  This training does not constitute an endorsement of any product, service or point of view.  Scrumalliance. org and Scrum. org makes no representations, warranties or assurances of any kind, express or implied, as to the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability, availability or currency of the content contained in this presentation or any material related to this presentation.  In no event shall Scrum. org or Scrumalliance. org, its agents, officers, employees, licensees or affiliates be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of profits, business information, loss of information) arising out of the information or statements contained in the training.  Any reliance you place on such content is strictly at your own risk.




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