PowerShell 7: Object Oriented Programming

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PowerShell is a powerful language. But what makes this scripting language so powerful? PowerShell objects. What are these magical objects and how does PowerShell work with them? Stay tuned to find out. PowerShell is an object-oriented language and shell. This is a departure from the traditional shells like CMD and Bash. These traditional shells focused on text aka strings and while still useful, are limited in their capabilities. Nearly everything in PowerShell is an object. In this course, you'll learn some key concepts when it comes to objects in PowerShell. Will go over properties and methods on objects and will show you how to create your own objects with the New-Object cmdlet, the PScustomobject type accelerator and some other techniques. By the end of this course, you'll have learned how to apply this knowledge to your own scripting through helpful example code and visualizations. What You Will Learn?The course is designed to teach you: Work with PowerShell pipeline. Describe the techniques PowerShell pipeline uses. Understanding the Anatomy of an ObjectDiscovering Object Members with Get-MemberObject Types and ClassesProperties, Aliases, Methods and Other MemberTypesControlling Returned Object PropertiesSorting ObjectsFiltering ObjectsCounting and Averaging Objects ReturnedTaking Action on Objects with LoopsComparing ObjectsWorking With Custom ObjectsCreating Custom Objects From HashtablesAdding & Removing PropertiesIf you're an IT professional with previous experience in general Windows Server and Windows Client administration looking to learn more about using PowerShell for administration, this course is ideal for you. PS: Check the Free Preview videos to know more about the course and to be sure you can get accustomed to my accentEnroll now!




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