Power BI Business Essentials

Level:All Levels
InstructorDr. Mesut Varl?o?lu
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Course description


In Power BI Business Essentials course, business intelligence technologies and their usage areas will be explained with examples. Purpose of education: 

  • Give fundamental information about Business Intelligence and related technologies.

  • To understand how Power BI is used in Business Technologies

  • With several sample dashboard and projects, prepare you to Digital Transformation

  • Introduce a new type of distance learning environment using condensed and practical information created by years of experience

Why we need Power BI: Power BI, developed by Microsoft, is used for converting all kinds of data to more automated and dynamic form of dashboard so that user can get more insights and develop new strategies. 

  • It is a very popular software for Business Intelligence applications.

  • Data collection, data analysis, graphical and dynamic data representation can be done with Power BI.

  • This capability helps users make faster decisions for business intelligence.

Target Participants: Data analysts, Newly graduated university students, high school students, administrators, entrepreneurs, anyone who wants to improve themselves.

Here are the contents of the Power BI Business Essentials course:

  1. Introduction

  2. Why Power BI?

  3. Installation Steps of Power BI

  4. Quick Look at Power BI Desktop

  5. Importing Data

    1. Supported Data structures

  6. Cleaning and Formatting Data using Power Query

  7. Data Visualization Tools

  8. Creating first Dashboard

  9. Excel, MySQL, API Data, Sharepoint Integration

  10. Advanced Visualization Tools

  11. DAX Programming Basics

  12. Refreshing and Publishing Data

  13. Power BI Dashboard Projects

  14. Next steps

We are looking forward to be working with you to create best Business Intelligence tools for your needs.

When you complete this course, you will receive a certificate and we will provide you all future source codes for the courses.

What Will I Get ?

  • Learn about Power BI and Business Intelligence applications with practical examples
  • Be familiar with creating insurance, sales dashboards from Excel, MySQL and API data
  • Create a story from dashboard and present dynamic dashboard


This course is for Anyone who wants to learn Power BI and create dynamic dashboards from Excel, MySQL and API JSON data

Computer and internet connection.

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