PHP Programming For Affiliate Marketers

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In PHP Programming for Affiliate Marketers I'll be teaching you the basics of web programming in the PHP programming language. This course is aimed at the absolute beginner, someone with no programming experience whatsoever. Specifically, it's aimed at affiliate marketers and web marketers.  I'll be teaching you how to use PHP to build affiliate marketing websites that scale automatically into the millions of product pages.  We'll start out by learning the basics of programming with PHP, I'm talking about simple concepts such as:- Variables- Comparison Operators- If/Then Statements- If/Else Statements- Loops such as For and While Loops- Randomization- Arrays- and FunctionsThen we'll move into usuable examples such as how to add updating dates to your web pages, how to convert things into upper and lower case, and how to use php's string replace to make modifications to things. After we've covered all those basics we'll start building an actual affiliate marketing website using a template, and then I'll show you how to scale that template into millions of automatically updating affiliate product pages. It should be a lot of fun!




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