Photogrammetry: Turn Images into 3D Models

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This class teaches photogrammetry, a popular and accessible technique to obtain 3D models from multiple overlapping photographs. It is a robust and practical solution to create realistic 3D representations of objects that are time consuming to create by traditional 3D modelling methods. The class starts with explaining the basic principles of photogrammetry and its methods for scanning 3D objects followed by creating a low poly 3D asset with baked PBR maps from the scan result. Why You Should Take This Class: Photogrammetry offers a great solution for creating complicated assets in a very short amount of time when compared with traditional methods of 3D modelling. However, photogrammetry results in dense meshes with improper topology and bad UV's this limits photogrammetric abilities to be used in practical applications such as games or realtime Visualisation. This class aims to solve this problem by creating a low poly asset from a scanned 3D mesh. After completing this class, you will be able to create great looking 3D assets from photogrammetry. Who This Class is For: This class is for Everyone who is interested in photogrammetry, 3D artists, Designers and game developers can take full advantage of this class. Basic understanding and knowledge of 3D asset creation for realtime applications is recommended before starting the class.




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