Phantom & Mavic Flightschool - flight training & Go4 app

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                                                                                     **Compatible with all DJI drones** Are you new to drones? Or do you want to improve your flight skills? Or maybe you want to get the most out of the DJI Go app.  Then Phantom Flightschool is for you.  You will learn how to fly your Phantom with skill, confidence & ease. Being a good pilot is vital if you want to operate safely and with confidence and want to impress your clients. Here is what you will learn on this course: - DJI Go app settings: learn about all the settings as well as camera settings - Pre-flight & setup: learn how to set up and prepare for take-off safely - Flight training: 4 modules: (1) Beginners where you learn the very basics of how to fly (2) Intermediate where you learn about flying in reverse and orientation skills (3) Advanced where you learn combination moves like turns, flying a circle, aircraft recovery and more (4) Pro where you learn how to do all this in Atti mode, learn about Sports mode and how to do a catch landing - Flight modes: learn how to master & get the most out of (1) Point of interest (2) Active track (3) Tapfly (4) Waypoints (5) Course lock and (6) Homelock - Autopilot with Litchi: learn how to get professional results with Waypoints and Orbit mode which have more advanced features then the Go app This course will take your drone piloting to the next level, so be sure to jump right in and get great results really quickly!




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