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In this course, I show you the fundamentals on how to build CHARISMA around anything to level up you, an idea, your personal branding, marketing, or anything else you'd like to hype. Why is learning to hype the most important skill you will EVER learn?Because, when you hype, you get to be your charismatic self, for life.  Let me take you on a journey, for some context. Everything I learned from my transformation from NASA Engineer to Full Time Content Creator ROCK STAR is in this course.  I will teach you how to lean into your passion and creative side without making the mistakes I made.  Don't get stuck doing a 9-5 uncool nerd job!  You can make anything charismatic (including an app, course, yourself, or any idea), and I am going to help you! HERE IS WHAT WE ARE ABOUT TO UNPACK: Lesson 1.  I give you the exercises to nail down your Charismatic secret sauce that nobody but you can offer. BOOM!  Hype-layer #1 COMPLETE!  (Do the exercises though, or I will have to take that stamp of approval back)Lesson 2.  I show you exactly how to curate your personal branding messaging and marketing, so people are excited to join your path.  WOOT WOOT Lesson 3.  Specific examples on how to implement your unique charisma into personal branding with the right marketing tone for your audience. In this lesson, I also show you the best business collaboration mission exercises for building quality hype AND guide you through today's best, most up to date tools, apps, platforms, and strategies for incorporating your charisma into your social media and personal branding. Feedback steps are provided here in the downloadable resources to to make sure you are materializing on the intangible aspects of charisma and hype.   By taking the time to download and use these resources, you will properly marry the intangibles of hype with the tangible project, idea, course.  By rewatching the lesson plans and re-visiting the downloadable resources you will get all the results you're looking for. Lesson 4.  Tips, tools, collaborative mindset exercises, websites, and social media examples I personally used and recommend to build an awesome community of super fans and champions around any idea/thing to make it cooler and more charismatic in today's social media and personal branding landscape. Downloadable Resources:  This course features multiple downloadable PDF guides in the resources section which I will regularly provide help with.  If you have any questions, just shoot them over.  We're going to make sure you get through any sticking points with establishing the right charisma on your social media marketing, branding, or just social proof hype essentials you have questions about. By making the best personal branding and hype course videos possible and keeping the lessons packed with the right mix of energy, action plans, and engagement challenges, you will be able to further build the daily habits and strengthen the intangible aspects of honing your charisma as a creative leader.  This is essential for getting the right hype for your own business, course, idea. tiktok, or followers to take off. Each downloadable resource provides clear, step by step writing prompts to stimulate the answers that will help make it easy for you to find the right tone, style, and marketing / personal branding in the context of building hype on social media in your own authentic way.  These downloadable resources and energy-packed lesson videos will get you firm footing with establishing your idea/app/project/business/course or you in the best light.  Remember to take action on these, or you won't get all the results!  At the end of this course, you will have taken the thing you wanted to get fully launched and BE DOING it, in a way that is cool, has hype, has the best type of social proof (I tell you what this is in the fourth lesson), and stands out from the crowd. We are going to take the adventure together, and I only rock with lightning.  So grab your coffee and let's get started!-JoePS - Since I am not physically there next to you, I must warn you:  To hype anything successfully with radiant charisma that transcends to the highest levels of social media marketing and personal branding, YOU MUST be disciplined.  In this course, WE hold each other accountable, by checking in to make sure everyone grows together.  Bring your A game, I'll bring mine.




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