PCB Design: Master PCB Design using Ultiboard and Multisim

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Ultiboard is printed circuit board design and layout software that integrates seamlessly with Multisim to accelerate PCB prototype development. The creation of electronic circuits has been around for a long time now and like any design; modeling is essential for the manufacturing of the end product. PCB layouts and other circuit designs need to be precise, accurate, and flawless for the manufacturer to create an effective and efficient final product. Speed is similarly essential in designing schematics at the end of the day. Your business needs to make a profit. why you should take this course?The process of designing a PCB is made easier with Ultiboard because the software automates a lot of it for you. As a result, you can create a more robust and easy to read board layout by using the MultiSim components that are embedded in Ultiboard. One benefit of the integration between Multisim and Ultiboard is that it allows you to work on both at the same time which saves time. These two tools help you identify potential issues before they become real problems which saves money and time. You also save money by knowing how much material to order before starting the design process because Ultiboard helps calculate this forThis course aims at providing a comprehensive and detailed explanation from how to download Ultiboard, creating a circuit and how to maneuver around the platform, to the exportation of the design for manufacturing. We hope that this will be beneficial. Welcome to this course. What is this course about: In this course, you will learn from start to finish, from zero to production-ready on how to design a Printed Circuit Board. It will help you to improve your PCB design skills which will help you to get started freelancing or to get a job in PCB design with Multisim and Ultiboard since it's the most used PCB design toolsWhat you will learn in This Course: Get started PCB design using Multisim and Ultiboard. Download and install Multisim and Ultiboard. Create Arduino UNO Shield, PIC Microcontroller Breakout and other Schematics in Multisim and Ultiboard. Wiring components in Schematic view. Transfer schematic into PCB. Place components on board. Create a multilayer board. Route layers and place components on board. Autoroute to save time. Eliminate design errors. Create Gerber files for your manufacturer. Ultiboard is mainly used for its benefits: Easy to use and efficient PCB layout programOptimum control and management of the environmentTransfer of simple schematics to PCBFile Standardization-You can export your design file in one format such as DXF or Gerber to another format that is required for standardization purposes. NI Ultiboard or formerly ULTIboard is an electronic Printed Circuit Board Layout program that is part of a suite of circuit design programs, along with NI Multisim. One of its major features is the Real-Time Design Rule Check, a feature that was only offered on expensive workstations in the days when it was introduced. ULTIboard was originally created by a company named Ultimate Technology, which is now a subsidiary of National Instruments. Ultiboard includes a 3D PCB viewing mode, as well as integrated import and export features to the Schematic Capture and Simulation software in the suite, Multisim. Ultiboard software offers efficient PCB design layout and routing with a customizable environment. You can use its flexible tools to place parts and copper with manual precision to define critical board elements. With its automated functionality, you can quickly complete a design. The advanced spreadsheet view, toolbox, and design wizards help you easily manage, control, and define any board layout. Seamless integration with Multisim software provides a simple schematic transfer to PCB, and forward and backward annotation ensures design iteration management. You can easily export industry-standard file formats such as Gerber and DXF to complete the design flow from schematic to layout.




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