Pattern Making for Fashion Design -PART 3-Collars, Necklines

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This Course is 'PART 3' of Pattern Making for Fashion Design.  It shows how to draft Collars and Necklines.  It shows the drafting of Button Extensions and Buttonholes.  It explains the use of Bias grain lines as used in the Cowl Neckline. And how to finish the edge of a neckline using Bias-Binding, and Piping.  Also Facings, Interfacings, Under-stitch. The Course will show you how to draft Collars: Mandarin collarPeter Pan collarSailor collarConvertible collarAnd: how to draft a: Cowl necklineScoop neck and FacingV-neck with FacingBoat neck an FacingA-symmetrical necklinesFacingsInterfacingsUnder-stitchBias-BindingPipingTop Collar vs Under CollarPattern Drafting is a very important aspect of the fashion design process, it takes years of practice to perfect the craft but with my Pattern Making Courses, you will see how easy it is to grasp the concepts and by watching my demos, you will easily integrate these skills into your current knowledge and add to the body of knowledge that you already have. My video/demos are fun, educational and inspiring. If you've taken Pattern Making PART 1 and PART 2 and you have some basic pattern drafting/draping knowledge, then this PART 3 will build on top of that, and will definitely increase your skills necessary to perfect the art of pattern-making. Included in this Part 3, there will be some DRAPING involved as you will see in the making of the COWL neckline, which is very beautiful (if I may say so myself).  You will also see, and learn, how to use a BIAS Grain Line, which is how we create the Cowl Neckline. Working on half the dress form is standard (and normal) in the industry except when creating A-symmetrical designs, in which case we have to work with an open pattern, meaning including the left side AND the right side of the pattern. Asymmetrical designs are those designs where the left side and the right side (of the garment) are not the same, which makes for a dramatic and unusual design: oftentimes you will see Asymmetrical design on the Hollywood Red Carpet Events. You will see me demonstrating techniques using the Dress Form and also the White Board and the use of Dotted Paper (Pattern Paper), so you will most definitely learn how to create all these ideas. By doing so, you will get to learn the steps that it takes to create a design, the process of creating new ideas using different means to achieve a result. We will cover the drafting of a Facing, (what is a Facing) and an Inter-facing (why do we use inter-facing). I will show you how to use an Under-stitch when finishing the edge of a neckline. We will review the TOOLS used in Pattern Drafting, such as: Hip Curve and French Curve and Notcher. And of course scissors, pencil, and Dotted Paper for drafting purposes. We will review basic techniques such as Slash-and-Spread and how to use it when adding fullness to a pattern for example. We will be combining what was covered in Pattern Making PART 2, such as YOKES, bringing Yokes back into the picture and adding fullness to a garment an adding a Yoke to it to create a new idea/design. Collars encircle the face thus creating a frame for the face thus presenting many opportunities to get creative for endless design variations. A collar can and should compliment the style of the design. You will learn how to draft a Mandarin Collar: a very simple draft but essential because it will become the foundation of other Collars.  So once you learn how to make the Mandarin Collar, you can use the principle/technique to create other similar designs. The Mandarin collar can also be what is known as the stand for other collars, such as the convertible collar. You will learn how to make a Peter Pan Collar and why it's so popular when used in women's dresses or tops. The collar can be kept closed or left open. You will learn how to draft a Sailor Collar.  A Sailor Collar was originally inspired by the sailors' uniforms, it then became very fashionable and stylish when used properly and creatively. A Cowl Neckline is achieved by letting the fabric fall easily unto the bodice, falling at desired lengths. Cowls look best when draped on a Bias grain line. A Cowl can be used in the front of a dress/top or in the back (but not both at the same time as it would tend to fall off the shoulders). These courses/classes are about learning how to be a great fashion designer; whether you are a beginner student or a professional fashion designer, learning skills and techniques in designing is an ongoing process: there's always something new to learn, even if you know basic fashion design techniques, building on top of that is essential to expand your knowledge of the industry at large. Nowadays learning fashion designing online is such an amazing opportunity: you can study fashion, all the different aspects, in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, having full lifetime access. wow. that's cool.  Save on the cost of hight tuition, instead learn by watching these high quality videos, which you can rewind and watch over and over again, on your own schedule. Learning fashion sketching, and fashion draping and pattern making (Pattern Drafting) or maybe you want to explore The Business of Fashion, and learn the business side of fashion (so you stay in business), or learning how to put a Fashion Collection together and learning the use of Fabrics and the textile Industry, these Courses are an amazing opportunity to expand your knowledge, elevate you fashion skills, and add to your existing body of work. Whether making clothes is a hobby of yours or a financial income generator, these courses empower you to build your confidence and make you a better designer. Regardless of whether you are putting together your first fashion design portfolio, or build your fashion website and your online store, or learn how to market your fashion line, these courses/classes give you the ability to accomplish all that... especially because you will be saving on expensive tuition costs. Enjoy!




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