Oracle SQL 1Z0-071 Certification - Full exam preparation

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Please be aware that I am working on this course on an ongoing basis. I always want to deliver highest quality to you and I made my best to do so. If you find any issue let me know and I will correct it immediatelly:)Looking for an perfect Oracle SQL exam preparation? Searching since hours without good results? Congratulation! You found what you need, without wasting time downloading a lot of stuff you need to sort anyway or which have wrong solutions! You get an explanation whereever needed, so you don't need to begin research on your own. The answers to the questions are validated. Oracle SQL 1Z0-071 Certification - Full exam preparationReal exam details: Duration: 120 Minutes, No. Of Questions: 78, Passing Score: 63%, Validated Against: This exam was validated against 11g and up to 19c. This course provides overall 630 unique questions for your SQL exam preparation! These are 5 SQL Exam preparation tests and 1 test as entry level! The entry level practice test which is for your preparation includes 240 questions. Pass this test at first to be sure to be ready for the real practice exam tests. The last practice exam contains around 10 difficult questions of the first four exam practice test to repeat them. I always want to deliver highest quality to you and I made my best to do so. If you find any issue let me know and I will correct it immediatelly:)Well performing OCA have great long-term job oppertunities. Each higher level of Oracle certification brings a higher standard of benchmarking skill and ability, which leads to greater opportunities and higher pay. What people say who are certified by Oracle:97% said they have benefited from certification89% said they gained more confidence in their Oracle expertise after becoming certified96% would recomment the program to a professional colleagueBenefeits of getting further certified: Added credibilityGood job opportunitiesUse of Oracle Certified logo for endorsement of your proven skill by Oracle CorporationAccess to the Oracle OCP members-only web siteExam Concepts: Relational Database conceptsRestricting and Sorting DataUsing Conversion Functions and Conditional ExpressionsDisplaying Data from Multiple TablesUsing SET OperatorsManaging Indexes Synonyms and SequencesManaging ViewsManaging Objects with Data Dictionary ViewsRetrieving Data using the SQL SELECT StatementUsing Single-Row Functions to Customize OutputReporting Aggregated Data Using Group FunctionsUsing Subqueries to Solve QueriesManaging Tables using DML statementsUse DDL to manage tables and their relationshipsControlling User AccessManaging Data in Different Time ZonesThis course provide overall 630 unique questions for your exam preparation. There are no duplicated questions. All questions are multiple choice with one or several correct answer. You will get the information of how many answers are correct for each question as in the real exam. There are 5 test exams for you. Each has 78 questions as the real exam has. You will learn about the following contents as they can be covered by the exam.: Exam TopicsQUERY TYPESSELECTLIMIT / TOPINSERTUPDATEDELETETRUNCATEOPERATORSUNIONUNION ALLINTERSECTCOMPARISON OPERATORSJOINSALIASESCLAUSESDISTINCTFROMWHEREORDER BYGROUP BYHAVINGFUNCTIONSCOUNTSUMMINMAXAVGTO DATETO CHAR. AND MANY MORECONDITIONSAND, ORLIKEIN, NOT INIS NULL, IS NOT NULLBETWEENEXISTSTABLES AND VIEWSCREATE TABLE, CREATE VIEWCREATE TABLE ASALTER TABLEDROP TABLEKEYS AND CONSTRAINTSPRIMARY KEYSFOREIGN KEYSDATA TYPESRANK, DENSE RANKMERGEDATA DICTIONARY VIEWSOFFSETS, FETCHERD DIAGRAMCOMMIT, ROLLBACK, SAVEPOINTEXTERNAL TABLESGRANT, REVOKEAND MANY MOREThis Oracle SQL exam preparation will give you a great knowledge to pass the exam. Our goal is that you get the certification after your first attempt. As long as you are able to answers all of our questions correctly, you have best chances to get the certificate on your first attempt. Learn all of this questions in detail, understand the background knowledge, which is given to you too. In case you have questions, do not hesitate to contact me.




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