Oracle Database Migration Methods:On-Prem to Oracle Cloud

Course description
With the advent of Cloud Computing the biggest challenge that is being faced by the DBA's & Solution Architects is how to migrate the On-Prem Oracle Databases onto the Cloud. This course teaches you all the different Strategies and methods that you can use to migrate from On-Prem to Oracle Cloud (OCI) along with a method to migrate from AWS RDS to OCI as well. Please note the same strategies can be used if you are looking to migrate your Oracle Database to IaaS based Cloud Services in AWS(EC2) / Azure / OCI  & GCP as well. We shall start our migration journey with some discussion around: the factors that help you to choose your migration strategy, from here we will discuss two main concepts which drive a Migration Strategy and they are Endianness & Database Character Sets. As the biggest bottleneck in any Database Migration exercise is Nework Bandwidth hence we will discuss the concept of Oracle Data Transfer Appliance. In the next module we shall build our On-Prem Environment using Vagrant & VirtualBox , there will be a deep dive session into Vagrant if you are new to this technology as we will be installing, configuring Vagrant and then provision our Virtual Machine (VM) using Vagrant and show how this whole process is automated. This would be followed by the installation of Oracle 18c XE , creation of database along with Sample Schemas and this will act as our on-prem Oracle Database environment. Once our On-Prem environment is all setup we will proceed our journey to oracle Cloud and will introduce you to 2 important concepts in OCI which are Compartments and VCN's (Virtual Cloud Network) and then we shall provision a VM based DbaaS Instance in OCI. I shall teach you the method to setup SSH connectivity between On-prem machine and OCI DB System. From next module onwards we will be delving deeper into different types of Oracle Database Migration methods which are available to us. The whole discussion will be divided into three parts: Discussion on the concept , Workflow of the Method , An End to End Demo on the migration method. Please note that the commands used in the demos are all given under the Resources section as well.  The Methods that will be taught are:•Data Pump Conventional Export/Import •Data Pump Transportable Tablespace•Data Pump Full Transportable•RMAN CONVERT Transportable Tablespace with Data Pump •RMAN Cross-Platform Transportable PDB•RMAN Cross-Platform Transportable PDB (Inconsistent Backups)•RMAN Restore using Oracle Cloud Backup Module •Unplugging/Plugging (CDB)•SQL Developer to Migrate Selected ObjectsAs with my all courses in the last Module we shall try and challenge ourselves and the challenge will be to Migrate the Oracle Database running in AWS RDS to Oracle Cloud and to accomplish this we shall be making use of AWS DMS (Data Migration Service). I hope at the end of the course you will feel more confident as you would be equipped with all the tools & techniques that you need to Migrated your on-prem oracle databases. Happy Learning!!! RegardsKshitij Joy (OCM)DB Alchemist Academy




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