Oracle Database Managing Multitenant Architecture

Course description
This course is design for understand Oracle Database Multitenant ArchitectureWe will covers all aspects of the multitenant architecture and the components of an Oracle multitenant container database and its regular and application pluggable databases. You  will learn why and how to create and manage a multitenant container database and its regular and application pluggable databases, with storage structures appropriate for the business applications. You practice cold and hot cloning, plugging unplugged pluggable databases in multitenant container databases using various methods. You will also learn how to create common and local users and administer database security to meet your business requirements by using encryption, Database Vault and auditing and you will learn how to create a database deployment in the Cloud. The multitenant architecture will help bussines to use multiple database in one instance. Multitenant Database consolidation is the process of consolidating data from multiple databases into one database on one computer. Starting in Oracle Database 12c, the Oracle Multitenant option enables you to consolidate data and code without altering existing schemas or applications. Starting in Oracle Database 21c, a multitenant container database is the only supported architecture. In previous releases, Oracle supported non-container databases (non-CDBs). CDBA CDB contains one or more user-created PDBs and application containers. At the physical level, a CDB is a set of files: control file, online redo log files, and data files. The database instance manages the files that make up the CDB. PDBsA PDB is a portable collection of schemas, schema objects, and nonschema objects that appears to an application as a separate database. At the physical level, each PDB has its own set of data files that store the data for the PDB. The CDB includes all the data files for the PDBs contained within it, and a set of system data files that store metadata for the CDB itself.




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