Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Professional

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Category:Oracle Cloud
InstructorAngela Wall
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Welcome to the course Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Professional. This course prepares you for the highest level of OCI certification, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Professional. Take a deep dive into designing and deploying Oracle Cloud Infrastructure solutions and learn Cloud-Native, microservices and serverless architectures.
Meet your instructors:
Angela Wall photo
Angela Wall
Principal Solution Architect
Sachin Pikle photo
Sachin Pikle
Product Strategy Director
Susan Jang photo
Susan Jang
Cloud Delivery Lead - Tech
Sean Stacey photo
Sean Stacey
Director, Platform Technology Solutions
Michelle Malcher photo
Michelle Malcher
Senior Principal Product Manager
Kamryn Vinson photo
Kamryn Vinson
Product Manager, Database
David Mills photo
David Mills
Cloud Delivery lead - PaaS
Tijo Thomas photo
Tijo Thomas
Principal Training Lead and Evangelist
Orlando Gentil photo
Orlando Gentil
Principal Training Lead and Evangelist
Rohit Rahi photo
Rohit Rahi
Senior Director, OCI Global Delivery
Flavio Pereira photo
Flavio Pereira
Senior Cloud Architect
Kay Malcolm photo
Kay Malcolm
Senior Director, Database Product Management
Sergio J Castro photo
Sergio J Castro
Principal Training Lead and Evangelist
Tammy Bednar photo
Tammy Bednar
Senior Director of Product Management
Robert Wunderlich photo
Robert Wunderlich
Product Strategy Director
Jeevan Joseph photo
Jeevan Joseph
Consulting Solution Architect / A-Team - Cloud Solution Architects