Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 8 (new format) - Part 2

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Are you ready to pass OCA- Java SE 8 Programmer I certification and prove your competency to recruiters and employers alike?This course have 600+ unique question with explain carefully. The practice test questions have already helped 500 students to pass the OCA Certification (1Z0-808) exam. OCA - Java SE 8 Programmer I - Exam Information: [NEW FORMAT effective September 1, 2022]Exam Code: 1Z0-808Duration: 120 minutesQuestions #: 56 (Multiple Choice / Multiple Select)Passing score: 65%Exam Curriculum: Java BasicsDefine the scope of variablesDefine the structure of a Java classCreate executable Java applications with a main method; run a Java program from the command line; produce console outputImport other Java packages to make them accessible in your codeCompare and contrast the features and components of Java such as: platform independence, object orientation, encapsulation, etc. Working With Java Data TypesDeclare and initialize variables (including casting of primitive data types)Differentiate between object reference variables and primitive variablesKnow how to read or write to object fieldsExplain an Object's Lifecycle (creation, dereference by reassignment and garbage collection)Develop code that uses wrapper classes such as Boolean, Double, and IntegerUsing Operators and Decision ConstructsUse Java operators; use parentheses to override operator precedenceTest equality between Strings and other objects using == and equals ()Create if and if/else and ternary constructsUse a switch statementCreating and Using ArraysDeclare, instantiate, initialize and use a one-dimensional arrayDeclare, instantiate, initialize and use multi-dimensional arraysUsing Loop ConstructsCreate and use while loopsCreate and use for loops including the enhanced for loopCreate and use do/while loopsCompare loop constructsUse break and continueWorking with Methods and EncapsulationCreate methods with arguments and return values; including overloaded methodsApply the static keyword to methods and fieldsCreate and overload constructors; differentiate between default and user defined constructorsApply access modifiersApply encapsulation principles to a classDetermine the effect upon object references and primitive values when they are passed into methods that change the valuesWorking with InheritanceDescribe inheritance and its benefitsDevelop code that makes use of polymorphism; develop code that overrides methods; differentiate between the type of a reference and the type of an objectDetermine when casting is necessaryUse super and this to access objects and constructorsUse abstract classes and interfacesHandling ExceptionsDifferentiate among checked exceptions, unchecked exceptions, and ErrorsCreate a try-catch block and determine how exceptions alter normal program flowDescribe the advantages of Exception handlingCreate and invoke a method that throws an exceptionRecognize common exception classes (such as NullPointerException, ArithmeticException, ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException, ClassCastException)Working with Selected classes from the Java APIManipulate data using the StringBuilder class and its methodsCreate and manipulate StringsCreate and manipulate calendar data using classes from java. time. LocalDateTime, java. time. LocalDate, java. time. LocalTime, java. time. format. DateTimeFormatter, java. time. PeriodDeclare and use an ArrayList of a given typeWrite a simple Lambda expression that consumes a Lambda Predicate expression




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