Operations Management - Enterprise Resource Planning

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Are you interested in a career within in the world of operations management?

You have come to the right place! Learn the principles of operations management, specifically ERP Metrics, here.

Throughout this course you will be introduced to the fundamentals of operations management viewed from the perspective of the business manager. We will study the five main areas of ERP Metrics:

1. Operations of an Economic Entity: Enterprise Resource Planning – Learn Operations of an Economic Entity: Enterprise Resource Planning, The Hierarchical Perspective, Enterprise Resource Planning ERP, Technology's Role in Business, Types of Information Systems, Interrelation Between Systems and Functional IT Systems.

2. Entrepreneurship Creativity & Innovation – Learn Enterprise Resource Planning: External Priorities, Overall Implementation Requisites for ERP, Challenges of ERP Implementation in Business, Senior and Project Management, Critical Factors for Successful ERP Implementation, Implementation Steps, ERP: Integration and Supply Chain Support, Web Services Integration Options, Market Information and Sales Orders, Benefits of the Marketing Information System, Customer Relationship Management and its Functions.

3. Enterprise Resource Planning: Internal Priorities – Learn ERP: HR Planning and Utilization, HRIS, Electronic Commerce - Accounting System Interface, E-Commerce Supply Chain Management Solutions, and Problems in ERP and E-Commerce Integration.

4. Operational Indicator, KPIs and Metrics – Learn Operational Indicator, KPI's and Metrics, Need for Metrics in Testing and Quality Analysis, Quality Metrics, Tips for Selection of Quality Metrics, Lead, Spot & Lagged Indicators - .Drive, Monitor & Report Indicators, Lean Manufacturing & Agility, and Quantitative vs. Qualitative Measurement Scope.

5. Measurement and Presentation Tools – Learn Mechanisms of Success, Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting, Balanced Scorecard Perspectives, Strategy Mapping, Balanced Scorecards vs. Dashboards and Metrics Measurements: IT Systems in ERP.

Each of these segments includes practical cases and quizzes aiming to strengthen your knowledge.

Follow along as we provide you with the skills to effectively evaluate, manage, and design the management knowledge and functions to contribute to a firm’s future operations management direction through applying modern ERP Metrics thought.

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