On the Spot! Master Your Impromptu Speaking Skills

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Do you get anxious when asked to speak up during work meetings?Do you worry about what to say next in social settings, even at dinner parties?Would you like to feel confident when asked to speak, on the spot at weddings, Zoom, or other live online sessions, or at any event?Do you want to: Speak with confidence in any situation and event?Stand out when you make business presentations?Empower yourself and find your voice?Get out of your comfort zone to reach a new level of communication effectiveness?In business, at school, or at social and other public events, you are often unexpectedly called on to make brief remarks about a specific topic. The ability to speak well on short notice is a useful skill. Impromptu speaking challenges a speaker to develop an organized speech in a limited time. However, the thought of public speaking intimidates many people. This fear is often diminished when there is time to prepare and practice before getting up in front of an audience.  What happens, though, when there is no time to prepare and you are asked to speak without notice? This can make the most confident presenters very nervous. Becoming skilled at impromptu speaking can give you the self-confidence to give an impactful last-minute presentation. You will learn exactly what impromptu speaking is, why it is important and how it can benefit you, tactics for thinking under pressure and successfully developing these important skills, and practice strategies to develop a polished speech brilliantly and confidently, on the spot. This course leads you step-by-step through proven impromptu public speaking methods. You will learn to build confidence in public speaking On the Spot!  Also, record a prompted speech and get direct feedback from the instructor.  The course includes the use of AI-powered technology to get real-time feedback on your speech pitch, rate, use of fillers, and more!  Respond and speak easily at a moment's notice. You Will: Practice and record impromptu messages and receive feedback with AI technologyGet real-time feedback to improve your speaking skills with an AI-powered speech coach. Get real-time analytics on your visual, verbal, and vocal delivery. Record and submit a speech, getting real-time personalized direct feedback from the course instructor. The course also includes FREE resources, exercises, and templates to help you strengthen your impromptu speaking skills.




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